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The top 16 of 2018 World Cup predict the match schedule of the top 16 of 2018 World Cup

The top 16 of 2018 World Cup predict the match schedule of the top 16 of 2018 World Cup the World Cup group match has gone on for the most part, and the top 16 teams have come out generally. Next, the fans will have a 1 / 8 final schedule, and the top 16 teams will compete for the top 8 seats. Let's take a look at the top 16 elimination teams of the World Cup.

A1vsb2 Uruguay vs Portugal

Uruguay won 3-0 over Russia in the last round of group A, and won the first place in the group successfully in the third round. From the result, it is undoubtedly the best result to avoid Spain. After all, Portugal is still in the downwind in terms of overall strength. But disadvantageous is, the main central defender Jimenez because of injury may bid farewell to the world cup, this is an absolute blow to the South American giants. Portugal were given a penalty at the last minute and had to face Uruguay, the best in group A. it must have been a bitter fight, which was not easy for both sides.

A2vsb1 Russia vs Spain

The host country lost to Uruguay 3-0 in the last round of the group match unexpectedly, while Spain failed to win in the last round, but still qualified first in the group. Russia will face a strong bullfighter team with a worrying future. After all, the strength is in front of the eyes, and in the face of absolute strength, any off-site factors are useless.

C1vsd2 France VS Argentina

France won the first place in group C without any suspense. In the last round, they were also tacitly tied with Denmark for 90 minutes. Compared with France, Argentina's progress is particularly difficult. In the most unfavorable situation, Messi led the whole team to beat Nigeria 2-1 in the final round, while Croatia also blocked the Icelander smoothly. Argentina qualified as the second in the group.

C2vsd1 Denmark vs Croatia

Denmark, led by Eriksson's single core, made it to the top 16 of the world cup. Compared with Eriksson's single core, Croatia won all three games under the leadership of Barcelona Real Madrid, scored seven goals and only lost one goal. The overall strength of the team is enough to compete with the traditional European giants.

Looking at these four games, each one is full of suspense. In the next match, the winner between Uruguay and Portugal will compete for the top four position with the winner between France and Argentina, while the winner between Russia and Spain and the winner between Denmark and Croatia will compete for another position.

What fans are looking forward to most is the direct dialogue between Messi and Ronaldo in the world cup. If Portugal knocks out Uruguay and Argentina can beat France, then the peerless double pride will meet directly in the world cup for the first time! The world's first man, who fans quarrel with, may be able to see the difference in this game. Of course, Ronaldo and Messi must lead the team to win their opponents first. I wonder if Uruguay and France will give such an opportunity.