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How to configure Xiaomi max 3 Pro

Xiaomi will surprise you every month this year. If you don't mention the new products every month, the products can be called colorful. The most direct feeling is Xiaomi's research and innovation speed and update speed. Recently, a netizen revealed that Xiaomi's max 3 Pro new machine publicity page, Xiaolong 710 processor + 6GB of large memory is amazing. Let's take a look at the details.

According to the news, according to the publicity page of Xiaomi max 3 Pro exposed by the netizen @ Ubuntu team, this mobile phone is a high configuration version, featuring a large screen with a long battery life, which is basically the same as the previously exposed Xiaomi max 3 design. The appearance of the body has two color options, black and gold. It adopts 6.9-inch large screen, equipped with snapdragon 710 processor, built-in 6GB large memory, up to 128GB optional capacity, equipped with 12 megapixel camera (Sony imx363), built-in 6GB storage + 128GB storage combination, supporting dual effect stereo speakers, and post fingerprint recognition.

Finally, if there is such a mobile phone, then the Xiaomi max 3 Pro can be understood as the high configuration version, while the low configuration version is the Xiaomi max 3 mobile phone (Xiaolong 652 processor). This large screen mobile phone can be understood as the mini version of Xiaomi tablet. The specific truth can only wait for the release in July, and we will see.