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Some techniques of litchi sweet and juicy selection

in summer, many people like to eat lychees, but there are still few people who can choose lychees. If they don't choose the right lychees, there may be some fresh or less meat lychees. So, how to choose fresh litchi? Xiaobian tells you some skills.

Litchi selection skill 1: look at the color

Fresh litchi is not completely bright red, but some dark red, many of the skin will have a little green, which is very normal, such are generally relatively fresh.

Litchi selection skill 2: look at the appearance

If the head of litchi is sharp, and the density of nails on the epidermis is high, it means that litchi is not mature enough, on the contrary, it is a mature litchi. If the shell of litchi is flat and the suture is obvious, the taste will be very sweet.

Litchi selection skill 3: hand feeling

Touch the shell with your hand and gently press it. Generally speaking, the handle of fresh litchi should be firm and elastic, slightly soft but not inelastic. It is relatively mature. If it is soft and inelastic, it means that the litchi is ripe or rotten. So remember to choose the litchi which is a little hard and elastic.

Litchi selection skill 4: look at the size

Generally speaking, the bigger the head and the more symmetrical the shape are, the better it can stand the above four tests.

Picking litchi skill 5: smell

Smell it at the tip of the nose. Fresh litchi usually has a kind of fragrance. If there is abnormal taste such as wine or sour taste, it means that it is not fresh litchi.

Technique 6 of litchi selection: looking at the flesh

Generally, when buying and selling this kind of fruit, you will open the sample to check or taste. After peeling off the shell, if the flesh is crystal clear, it is relatively fresh. If it has a little red or brown, it will change the flavor. Try it. When fresh litchi is in your mouth, the flesh is elastic, the juice is fragrant, sweet and sour.

How to choose different Litchi Varieties

Osmanthus: the fruit is spherical, medium-sized, light red, with thin and crisp shell. The chapped peak of the epidermis is sharp and prickly, with osmanthus fragrance.

Nuomici: the fruit is flat heart-shaped, large in size, bright red, with smooth peaks on the surface, prominent bulge on one side of the shoulder, and small in flesh, thick and small in core.

Feizixiao: the fruit is large, the average weight of a single fruit is 30g, and the flesh is tender and juicy.

Black leaves: the fruit is oval or skew heart-shaped, medium-sized, dark red, thin shell, flat and blunt surface crack pieces, uniform size, regular arrangement, obvious cracks and sutures, large core.

White wax: the fruit is heart-shaped, medium-sized, with a light red skin and yellow wax color, thick and crisp, smooth turtle lobes, soft and smooth pulp, sweet and juicy.