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How to upgrade ios12 beta download and upgrade tutorial

How to upgrade ios12 beta download and upgrade tutorial Recently, apple officially released the public beta version of IOS 12. For many users who want to try it, they will upgrade early, but some users don't know how to upgrade IOS 12. Let's take a look at the upgrade methods and processes of IOS 12 public beta.

For the current regular IOS 11.4 users, they cannot upgrade the IOS 12 public beta through Ota. They need to register to join the applebeta software plan, install the IOS 12 public beta description file, and then they can easily upgrade to the IOS 12 public beta.

How to apply for IOS 12 beta? It is mainly divided into 2 steps:

1. Register for applebeta software program

2. Install ios12 public beta description file

IOS 12 public test plan application address:

Access address of ios12 public beta description file:

Any one of them can get the link automatically, which is convenient to copy directly to the safari browser of IOS device and open.

Of course, the premise is that your IOS device needs to support the latest IOS 12 system. The specific supported models are as shown in the figure below. As long as the device is not too old, it can be upgraded.