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Some nutritious food suitable for Shiban people

for the shift workers, they spend a lot of time sitting still every day. In addition, they need to work overtime to stay up late when they are busy, which is very harmful to their bodies. In addition to the daily needs of more rest and exercise, they also need to pay more attention to healthy diet. Some foods are very suitable for the regular consumption of the people on duty. Their food nutrition has a good health care effect and is rich in nutrition. Next, we will introduce to you some food that is suitable for the people on duty to eat, so that you can easily sit on duty without headache.

Food suitable for sitting class:


The working class often eat oatmeal, which is very beneficial to keep their mood, because in work, there may be many things that will lead to a bad mood, you may as well soak a bag of oatmeal.

It has high fiber content, which can slow down digestion, continuously supply carbohydrates to blood vessels, help the human body obtain energy continuously, and keep the blood sugar level at a high level, so as to prevent dizziness, memory loss and work efficiency reduction. In addition, some vitamins related to brain and neurometabolism in brown rice and whole wheat, such as B vitamins, are rich and should be eaten more.

Two, green tea

They often drink some green tea, which can avoid the radiation brought by computers. For white-collar workers who get along with computers day and night, radiation is a worrying by-product. So, when you are upset and don't want to drink white water or have the desire to drink coke, you may as well use a cup of green tea instead. Caffeine in tea can not only help refreshing, which contains vitamin C, vitamin E, especially tea polyphenols, has the effect of anti radiation.

3、 Dark chocolate

Sitting class people often eat dark chocolate, which can release the energy inside the body. "For people with a 5-6-hour interval between meals, eating two pieces of dark chocolate (2cm & times; 4cm) about 3 hours after the first meal can quickly alleviate hunger. Dr. Chang Cuiqing, Institute of sports medicine, the Third Hospital of Peking University, has made an optimal 'energy supplement prescription' for overtime workers.

Among all chocolates, dark chocolate has the lowest sugar content and fat content. It changes into glucose and enters the blood. It slowly releases energy in the body, making the blood sugar drop to the level of fasting after 2-3 hours. Therefore, eating a chocolate when you are hungry is far more effective than biscuits and cakes.

The above are some of the foods that we introduced for you, which are suitable for the working people. These foods are rich in nutrition, and can easily supplement the energy of the human body, refresh the mind, relieve the pressure and ease the mood. In addition, they need to pay special attention to the kidney damage caused by sitting for a long time or holding urine for a long time. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you can never forget to protect your health.