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Don't throw the pear skin. How to eat it? It has the highest nutritional value

Pear, a kind of fruit we often eat in our life. We all know that pear has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening lung, promoting body fluid and relieving thirst. But when eating pears, because of the rough skin and poor taste, many people will peel off the skin. In fact, although the pear skin is rough, it has great nutritional value. The whole body of pear is treasure. Let's take a look at it together

Efficacy of pear peel

Pear skin has the functions of clearing heart, moistening lung, lowering fire, promoting body fluid, nourishing kidney and nourishing yin.

In autumn and winter, dryness is easy to injure the lungs, and eating pears will play a good role in moistening the lungs and relieving cough. Pear peel is the best. Therefore, it is best to eat pears with skin.

In fact, there has been a very detailed introduction to the therapeutic effect of pear skin in traditional medical books, which all believe that it can clear the heart and moisten the lungs, reduce fire and promote fluid production. It has auxiliary therapeutic effect on fever, thirst, cough, hematemesis, hair back and furuncle. "Sichuan Traditional Chinese medicine" said: it's cool, sweet and astringent, non-toxic. "Clear the heat, stop tiredness and thirst, develop the law, and converge. Cure dysentery and cough with perspiration. According to the southern Yunnan materia medica: 'apply on the back of the hair. According to the new Materia Medica, it can clear the heart and lower the fire, nourish the kidney and Yin, stimulate the body fluid to quench thirst, and eliminate the trouble and dampness. The introduction of "Luchuan Materia Medica" is: 'to cure the accumulated heat in the summer. '

It can be seen that pear skin can be eaten. But Xiaobian reminds you that during the growth of pears, the pesticides used by fruit farmers may remain on the skin of pears, so it is better to clean them, soak them in water for a while, or soak them in light salt water.

How to eat pear peel

1. Stew pear skin and Sichuan shellfish with ice sugar to relieve dry lung cough.

2. If the phlegm is coughing and there is red blood in the sputum, you can try stewing pear skin with ice sugar.

3. If the child coughs with phlegm, he can add a little scallop in the pear skin stewed with ice sugar, which can nourish the lung.

Pear is full of treasure

1. pear pulp

It has the functions of promoting body fluid, moistening dryness, clearing away heat, resolving phlegm, etc. it is suitable for the treatment of heat injury, thirst, thirst, hot cough, phlegm heat shock, choking diaphragm, thirst and aphasia, red eye swelling and pain, dyspepsia.

2. pear skin

It has the functions of clearing heart, moistening lung, lowering fire, promoting body fluid, nourishing kidney and nourishing yin. Roots, branches, leaves and flowers have the functions of moistening lungs, eliminating phlegm, clearing heat and detoxifying.

3. pear seeds

Pear seed contains lignin, which is a kind of insoluble fiber. It can be dissolved in the intestines, forming a film like colloid, and can combine with cholesterol in the intestines and be eliminated. Pear seeds contain boron to prevent osteoporosis in women. When boron is sufficient, memory, attention and mental acuity will be improved.