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What's the origin of love liar Wu Xuanyi

Sihaiwang: with the end of creation 101. All the members of the rocket girl were also selected. Among them, Meng Meiqi was the second one, and Wu Xuanyi was the second. Usually, Meng Meiqi is very flirtatious, and Wu Xuanyi is a sweet princess girl. However, we are all deceived by the appearance. The sweet Wu Xuanyi is the master of flirting hidden in the rocket girl 101. Sweet words and honeyed words come at random. At first sight, they are of extraordinary strength. They have teased many little sisters in the group. They are love swindlers.

Recently, a "love liar Wu Xuanyi" has been born. I believe many fans don't understand the meaning of this stem. In fact, Wu Xuanyi commented on other players' microblogs: good little baby, come on, wait for me to go home, MUA's best you and so on. If you are intimate, you have teased her young sister once, so you have the block of love liar. In fact, it also shows that Wu Xuanyi has a good character, is super cute and friendly, and has a good relationship with the players.

After flirting with Meng Meiqi, he turns around and treats Fu Jing as his little wife: 'come and wait for me to go home and say in the room'

Jiang jing'er comes to support her 'baby come on', Wu Xuanyi is a hug, the best jing'er.

Wu Xuanyi is even more flirtatious with Douzi Li Zixuan. Douzi replies to Wu Xuanyi and says' I don't miss you very much '. Wu Xuanyi directly requests' you pout over! 'I want to omit a lot of words. I also want to say' Douzi, your ass is pouting over here. '

Wu Xuanyi's flirting sister is really blatant. To this end, the fans also said, 'Wu Xuanyi, do you want to end the whole group', 'God, love liar Wu Xuanyi! '

​ Wu Xuanyi is the love bean who laughs when she sees the fans. She is the girl who always has a bright smile on her face. She is the girl who doesn't let the fans worry about swallowing all their worries. She is also a sweet captain with singing and dancing. She is a strong girl in short skirt rehearsal under the roar of cold wind! ​ and Wu XuanZhen has a very good relationship with the team members and is even called a love liar. I'm afraid she has to tease the whole team all the time~

​ love liar Wu Xuanyi? Not necessarily. That's the way she expresses her friendship. I think Xuanyi is changeable, because her heart is soft, and she hopes to repay the greatest gentleness and kindness to the changeable world. ​​​​

Efforts will be rewarded, and the future will be better! Sweet love smile, good character but love flirt, is love liar, such as Wu Xuanyi, do you like it?