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Highly recommended! Three best brands to buy electric fans

When buying electric fans, many people are easily attracted by the slogan of various brands. But what are the really good brands? Let's take a look

Which brand of electric fan is easy to use

According to the motor, appearance design, energy efficiency ratio, materials and other indicators that affect the quality of practical electric fans, the following brands are recommended comprehensively, and the reasons for listing, recommended models and reference prices are given.



Founded in 2003, bamuda is a young Japanese small household appliance brand. Its products are famous for their simple and beautiful design style. They have successively won the gold medal of if design award in Germany and good design award in Japan. In 2010, bamuda took the lead in launching a series of 'Green fan' electric fans equipped with DC motor. Compared with the traditional AC motor, bamuda has more power saving and less running noise, which has become the development trend of the industry. In addition, the double structure fan blade design is also innovatively adopted to form a soft natural wind effect and a longer air supply distance. The floor fan model egf-1380 continues the brand's simple design language in appearance. After the middle connecting rod is removed, it can be used as a table fan to support the vertical swing angle adjustment. The farthest air supply distance can be up to 10 meters. The remote control also makes the operation more convenient. The price is about 2000 yuan. The upgraded egf-1580 is imported from Japan. It is equipped with large capacity mobile battery. The use scenarios are expanded more widely. It also supports manual custom swing range. After the shutdown, the fan head automatically returns to normal. The detail design is in place. The price is about 4000 yuan.

Recommended models: egf-1380, egf-1580, egf-3280



Panasonic's first mass-produced electric fan can be traced back to 1913. As of 2003, it has accumulated sales of more than 100 million sets. With its outstanding technical strength, it has always maintained a strong competitiveness in the field of electric fans. In Japan, the fans with high-performance DC motor are gradually becoming the mainstream, and Panasonic's high-end product line is also in step with it. The floor fan model f-cm338c is equipped with DC motor, with a maximum power of only 19W, which is outstanding in energy consumption and mute. With 7-piece fan design, the wind is softer, with a variety of air supply modes adjustable, and equipped with intelligent remote control. The price is About 1700 yuan. If it is used by children, the f-cm325 equipped with temperature sensor is a more considerate choice. It can automatically adjust the air volume according to the change of room temperature. No matter parents or children sleep all night, it is more comfortable, and the price is about 1000 yuan. Panasonic fans are generally priced at a high price, but they are still reliable in terms of reliability and durability.

Recommended models: f-cm338c, f-cm325, f-cm339c


In 1973, Emmett was founded in Taiwan. It started with the OEM business of electric fans. Now, every five electric fans in the world come from Emmett. It started to operate its own brand in 1997 and won the title of "China famous brand" in 2008. At present, it has the largest market share in China. Emmett electric fan has a wide range of types and rich functions. The tower fan model ftw50br is equipped with DC variable frequency motor, which has better power saving effect and mute effect. It is equipped with mobile battery and full-function remote control, making the use experience more convenient. In addition, the special aromatherapy box is also very intimate, and the price is about 700 yuan. If practical, the floor fan model fsw52r is also a good choice for cost performance, with three-stage wind adjustment, swing head height angle adjustable in many directions, and the price is about 200 yuan. And other more types such as table fan wall fan, can be bought in Emmett.

Recommended models: ftw50br, fsw52r, ftw36t2-a