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What models does IOS 12 support when it is released in the public beta

What models does IOS 12 support when it is released in the public beta last month, apple officially released IOS 12. The official version will be released together with the new iPhone in September. But recently, apple officially released the IOS 12 harvest public beta version. Compared with the developer beta version, there are many fewer bugs. Which models does IOS 12 support? Let's have a look.

The first public beta release of IOS 12

According to the news, apple officially released the first public beta version of IOS 12, Mac OS mobile and TV OS 12. The so-called public beta version is prepared by apple for users participating in the "Apple beta software program". IOS 12 is the next-generation operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and the new system is said to significantly speed up the operation of older devices.


According to the official, after the old iPhone 6 device was upgraded to IOS 12, the app started loading speed increased by 40%, keyboard speed increased by 50%, and camera opening speed increased by 70%. In addition, IOS 12 also has an important theme, which is to let you watch your mobile phone less frequently. The goal lies in three new features - screen time, better notifications, and a more accurate "don't disturb" mode, as well as more augmented reality features.

What are the models supported by ios12?

IPhone devices: iPhone x, iPhone 8 / 8 plus, iPhone 7 / 7 plus, iPhone 6S / 6splus, iPhone 6 / 6plus, iPhone ESE, iPhone 5S.

IPad devices: 12.9-inch iPad pro (first / second generation), 10.5-inch iPad pro, 9.7-inch iPad pro, iPad (fifth / sixth generation), iPad air2, iPad air, ipadmi (2 / 3 / 4).

IPod device: only iPad touch (6th generation).