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How to distinguish prickly heat from eczema? Please use gentle and natural way!

As the saying goes: prickly heat is not a disease. It's so itchy. Summer is the high incidence period of baby's prickly heat. What is the cause of prickly heat? How to distinguish prickly heat and eczema? Let's have a look.

Prickly heat

Cause: prickly heat is mostly caused by sweat hole blockage, which is most common in summer, and it is more serious to wear too much and cover too much heat.

Location: prickly heat often occurs in neck, chest back, elbow fossa, popliteal fossa and other parts, baby often occurs in the head, forehead and other sweaty parts.

Symptoms: at the beginning of prickly heat, the skin turns red, and then there are red papules or papules of the size of needles, which are dense in pieces, some of which are purulent. The baby will feel itchy and sometimes have a burning sensation.


Causes: there are many causes of eczema, which is a kind of skin inflammatory reaction caused by a complex internal and external factors. It is mostly related to allergic factors, such as food, dust and other allergies, as well as the dry living environment, metabolic disorders and other conditions can induce eczema.

Location: eczema can occur in any part of the baby, mostly in the cheek, forehead, eyebrow arch, ear and other parts.

Symptoms: when the baby's eczema starts, it is also red skin, accompanied by a red papule the size of a needle. However, eczema is characterized by diversity, symmetrical distribution, severe pruritus, repeated attacks and chronic diseases.

To prevent and cure prickly heat, please use a mild and natural way

When it comes to dealing with this enemy, baomamas can be said that they have no choice but to use their extremes. All kinds of secret scripts and methods have been put into the battle in turn, and Emperor Xiezi is still holding his ground. Even more parents in the baby a sweat on the rush to sprinkle a thick layer of prickly ash powder, think the baby instantly cool, in fact, this is a very wrong way. So what does the right way look like?

Loose clothes: baby's clothes should be loose in summer. The best material is cotton. It's breathable and comfortable to sweat, which can better prevent prickly heat.

Don't cover your sweat: don't cover your baby in summer, but wear it according to "warm neck, cool hands and feet". In summer, just like adults, wear short sleeved shorts.

Turn on the air conditioner: when the outdoor temperature is too high, turn on the air conditioner for the baby. Keep the room temperature at 26 ℃ - 28 ℃, and pay attention not to blow the air directly to the baby.

Turn over your baby often: when your baby sleeps, don't let a piece of skin stick to the bed all the time. It's airtight and easy to sweat. Don't hold your baby all the time. It's easier for your skin to sweat and get prickly.

Take a bath frequently: take a bath frequently in summer. When taking a bath, you can use the baby's special gentle bath gel to clean the baby's skin. You can also add some baby's dew or heat dispelling water, or use the honeysuckle boiling water to take a bath for the baby. After bathing and the water is completely dry, wipe the liquid prickly heat water and other products. When putting out powder, you should also pay attention to not too much and too thick at one time, so as to avoid accumulation of prickly heat powder and aggravation of blockage of sweat pores.

Keep your body dry: in summer, your baby is prone to sweating and prickly heat. Therefore, keeping dry can effectively prevent prickly heat. Especially the baby's neck and body folds, these two parts are very easy to sweat, remember to dry and keep fresh.

Wipe the mild powder properly: when summer comes and the baby hasn't prickly heat, you can wipe the mild powder properly after the baby takes a bath and the body is dry. Remember to choose the powder without talcum powder. This has a certain preventive effect, of course, the use of prickly ash powder can not be blind, otherwise it will not only not alleviate the prickly ash that has appeared, but also become more serious.

Frequent nail cutting: the baby with long prickly heat will be itchy, so he will scratch with his hands. Baoma should often cut the baby's nails to prevent the baby from scratching and causing inflammation.

External medicine: the baby has serious prickly heat. If the above methods are not effective, you can apply calamine lotion locally to relieve itching, but the prickly heat that breaks and festers should go to the doctor in time.