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Precautions for mixed feeding

Due to the lack of breast milk secretion, many Baoma take the way of mixed feeding for their babies. What should be paid attention to in mixed feeding? Xiaobian will share some knowledge about mixed feeding.

1. Breast milk before formula

Before each meal of milk powder, breast-feeding should be carried out fully, that is to say, let the baby suck for about 10-15 minutes on both breasts. If the baby is still hungry after sucking, add milk powder.

2. From less to more when adding milk powder

After sucking the breast milk for the baby, you can add half spoon to one spoon when you first add the formula to the baby, and gradually explore the demand of the baby

3. The amount of milk powder should change with the amount of mother milk

As the baby gradually increases, you can gradually increase the milk powder for the baby, but at this time, the amount of breast milk will also increase with the sucking of the baby, so the balance between the two needs to be explored all the time.

4. Add more formula before going to bed

For babies 6 months ago, you can drink a little more milk powder before going to bed, because compared with breast milk, milk powder is more hungry and can let your baby sleep a solid sleep.

5. Formula milk can be reduced properly after adding auxiliary food

After 6 months, the baby begins to add complementary food. After that, their demand for milk intake is not as high as before. If the breast milk is enough at this time, they can gradually drink less or no milk powder.

Precautions for mixed feeding:

1. The baby's ability to resist hunger is different, so the feeding time should be controlled

As the baby's digestion time for formula milk is longer, after adding formula milk, the feeding interval will be 0.5-1 hour longer than that of pure milk. However, this interval is not absolute, and the digestion speed of each baby is different. Therefore, it is necessary to record the time interval of baby's feeding at the beginning of mixed feeding, and find out the law suitable for your baby.

2. Stool color changes

Different from the pure breast milk baby, after the milk powder is added, the baby's stool will no longer be golden yellow, but will appear light yellow, or even yellow brown paste shape. Even some babies who eat formula will have dark green stool, which may be due to the formula of 0-6 months is the formula of fortified iron. When the baby ingests too much iron and cannot digest it, it will form green after contacting with air and oxidation Defecate.

3. If the baby has frequent constipation, please pay attention to whether it is milk protein allergy

If frequent diarrhea or constipation is found after formula addition, it should be considered whether it is milk protein allergy. If it is milk protein allergy, the mother who feeds milk should avoid milk protein food and choose hydrolyzed protein formula.

4. Select milk powder with breast milk as reference standard

The reason why many mothers want to keep breastfeeding is that breast milk contains a lot of nutrients, which can enhance the baby's resistance and promote the baby's brain development. For example, lactoferrin contained in breast milk can effectively help the baby to resist the invasion of external bacteria and reduce the risk of illness; DHA combined with MFGM can make the baby's brain more flexible & hellip; & hellip; Therefore, even if milk powder is added, mothers should take breast milk as the basis and choose formula closer to breast milk composition, so that babies can absorb it more easily, and at the same time, it is more conducive to the seamless connection between breast milk and formula.