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13 foods turn you into a brain wreck in minutes

bad diet can make your brain dull, clumsy and memory poor. It can make you become 'brain disabled' in minutes. Now let's learn about it with the editor!

1. Too salty food

The high content of sodium in food is easy to make brain cells in the state of ischemia and hypoxia for a long time, which leads to memory decline and premature brain failure. The diet should be light and limited to foods with excessive salt, such as salted products, salted fish, etc.

2. Alcoholic beverages

Habitual drinking, alcohol will make the brain volume reduction, weight reduction and mental decline. It is suggested that those who are addicted to alcohol should be enough.

3. Foods containing peroxides

Lipid peroxide can damage some metabolic systems, damage brain cells, promote premature brain failure or dementia. Common in high-temperature fried food, and long-term exposure to the sun's food, such as smoked fish, duck, etc.

4. Food containing aluminum

Aluminum can inhibit the activity of brain enzymes, make the memory of human body decrease gradually, reduce thinking power, and even induce dementia. Alum in the fried dough sticks is an aluminum containing inorganic substance, which should not be eaten more, and aluminum products should be used less to cook food.

5. Food containing lead

Lead is a major killer of the brain. If you eat food containing lead, such as popcorn, preserved eggs, canned food, etc., lead will enter the brain with the blood, making the brain lack of oxygen and nutrition supply, damaging brain cells, causing memory loss, brain oxygen and nutrition supply shortage, damaging brain cells, causing memory loss, brain tissue damage.

6, MSG

Glutamate, the main component of monosodium glutamate, will produce a substance that can inhibit nerves, affect nervous system and damage brain tissue in the process of human digestion. Especially for infant and pregnant women with immature brain, they should avoid eating food flavored with monosodium glutamate.

7. Too sweet food

Excessive sugar intake is not easy to be digested and decomposed by the human body. Sugar will penetrate into the blood, destroy cells and cells in all parts of the body, and make the body become acidic. Therefore, eat less sweets, especially sugar, saccharin food, the brain will be smart.

8. Acid food

Modern people's eating habits are acid, which is easy to make acid-base imbalance in the body, become acid constitution, affect brain function, memory decline, and lack of concentration. It is suggested that the acid-base ratio of daily diet should be maintained at two to eight, reducing the intake of acidic food such as meat and seafood, and moderately increasing the slightly alkaline food such as fruits and vegetables.

9. High fat food

The body needs a lot of blood to metabolize the fat. In the long run, it is easy to lead to lack of oxygen in the brain and mental retardation.

10. Food containing pesticides

Most pesticides are neurotoxic, and long-term accumulation is easy to cause brain degeneration.

11. Caffeinated food

Doctors at a medical school in the United States say people with mental problems should avoid caffeine. Many people try to deal with sleepiness and other symptoms by drinking coffee, but they unconsciously fall into the anxious psychology.

12. Trans fatty acids

A 2012 study found that too much trans fat not only raises' bad 'cholesterol (LDL) and lowers' good' cholesterol (HDL), but also causes brain shrinkage. Trans fatty acids increase the risk of cerebrovascular degeneration and hardening.

13. Foods with synthetic pigments

The synthetic pigment will lead to the loss of zinc in baby's body, and zinc is very important for child's intelligence development. In foreign countries, people regard 'synthetic pigment' as an intellectual killer, so there are very strict standards in children's food, but it has not been effectively controlled in China. When mom and dad are shopping for food, they should check the ingredients list to see if there are too many synthetic pigments in the food. The common names are sunset yellow, carmine red, lemon yellow and so on.