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How does WeChat apply for public account? What are the conditions for WeChat to apply for public add

How does WeChat apply for public account? What are the conditions for WeChat to apply for public address?

Sihai: now everyone has WeChat. We will all pay attention to the public numbers in some areas of interest. The WeChat public number is the most popular marketing way at present. The WeChat public number can not only provide timely and effective feedback to users, but also promote its own brand. No. how to apply for the WeChat public number? Let's take a look.

Conditions for certification of WeChat public number

Number one: your subscription number has at least 500 fans

Second: your Tencent or Sina Weibo has passed the certification

Only one of these two conditions can be applied for certification!

How to apply for the WeChat public address? Don't worry, it is very simple to finish. For example, if you do not have so many fans and want to apply for the WeChat public address, it is also very firm.

Go to Taobao to find some businesses that specially brush wechat fans. If it costs about 10 yuan, you can add 600 fans.

How does WeChat public address apply for picture and text course?

Step one: open the WeChat public number to apply for official website:

Step 2: click the "register" link on the website and fill in your basic information, as shown in the figure below:

Step 3: then you will be sent an activation email. Go to the email you fill in to activate. Generally, QQ email will be received immediately.

Step 4: after activation, continue to fill in the next step of data, 'information registration', as shown in the figure:

Step 5: here, you need to fill in your name and ID card information.

Step 6: at the same time, take a clear picture with your ID card to see your facial features and the number on your ID card.

The seventh step: generally follow the requirements, and then proceed to the next step, choose the type of public numbers.

If you are an individual, you can only apply for a subscription number. How to apply for a wechat public account

The ninth step: select and click the 'continue' button. Below is the step to fill in the public information.

Step 10: name the account you want. Attention! Once the name is confirmed, it can't be changed.

So you have to think about what your public number is going to share, and then start a name related to that.

Step 11: in the "function introduction" below, just fill in some introduction of your account.

Step 12: click the "finish" button after completion, and then it will be submitted for review. Generally, it will be approved within 7 working days.

As shown in the picture:

Editor's note: This is a detailed tutorial on how to apply for the WeChat public address. When the audit passes, all you need to do is try to accumulate followers, that is, fans. When the number of fans exceeds a certain number, you can apply for wechat authentication of public account. Many people start to open stores on wechat, but in this way, the nature of wechat seems to be changing step by step, and many people don't like to use wechat to communicate.