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What diet taboos should be paid attention to in patients with muscular atrophy

Muscle atrophy is a very serious orthopedic disease. The muscles of patients will gradually lose their functions, which will bring great adverse effects to the normal life of patients. Muscle atrophy refers to the contraction and correction of muscle volume caused by striated muscle dystrophy, muscle fiber thinning or even disappearance. In addition to active treatment, self-regulation is also very important. A healthy diet will supplement the nutrition and energy our body needs. It is one of the bases of our normal life. For patients with muscle atrophy, the more important is the auxiliary treatment. Now let's take a look at the precautions of muscular atrophy diet!

What diet taboos should be paid attention to in patients with muscular atrophy

1、 Generally, no cooking methods such as frying, roasting or blasting are used for food therapy articles, so as to avoid the damage of its effective ingredients or the loss of its therapeutic effect due to the change of its nature. Methods such as steaming, boiling, stewing and soup making should be adopted.

2、 Muscular dystrophy patients should not take foods that are harmful to their condition and strong irritant, such as chili, etc., especially those in acute stage and those with Yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity.

3、 The diet of muscular dystrophy has a positive role in promoting the rehabilitation of patients. If combined with the treatment of muscular dystrophy, better therapeutic effect can be achieved. At present, the better method for the treatment of muscular dystrophy is cell osmotic repair therapy. Cell osmotic repair therapy is to repair and replace dead cells, and directly act on the lesion location, so as to achieve the treatment of muscular dystrophy Purpose.

4、 Muscular dystrophy patients should choose high protein, high vitamin and easily digested food through reasonable nutrition matching and proper cooking, so as to improve the appetite of patients as much as possible, so that the nutrition and energy in patients' diet can meet the needs of the body.

Early symptoms of amyotrophic attack

1、 The atrophy of lingual muscles and the difficulty of exophthalmos coexist in adolescents. Bilateral sternocleidomastoid muscle atrophy will be accompanied by systemic muscle atrophy and walking difficulties. One side of the chest muscle atrophy, is not accompanied by other muscle and nervous system symptoms. One side of the dorsiform muscle atrophy is not accompanied by the same side of the brachial triceps muscle atrophy, but there will be local skin hypoesthesia. This is also one of the early symptoms of muscle atrophy.

2、 Patients will have limited masticatory muscle atrophy. When the mouth is opened, the mandible will incline to the side of the disease. At the same time, it will be accompanied by the decrease or disappearance of facial sensation and corneal reflex. The pigment of the skin is deep, and there is nothing unusual in the nerve reflex examination. This is a common early symptom of muscular atrophy.

3、 In adolescent patients, there will be slow progressive facial muscle atrophy accompanied by lax eyes closing and whistling, and early symptoms of muscular atrophy in the humerus. In patients with slow onset, there will be bilateral lingual muscle atrophy accompanied by muscle bundle tremor. Sudden lingual muscle atrophy will not be accompanied by muscle bundle tremor.