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What is the nutritional value of peanut oil

Daily diet is very important for us. Many people are always afraid to buy gutter oil when cooking. Many people always choose to buy freshly squeezed peanut oil, which not only makes the dishes more delicious, but also ensures the quality of oil. Let's learn about the nutritional value of freshly squeezed peanut oil

peanut oil is a kind of edible oil which is easy to digest because of its light yellow and transparent color, fragrant smell and delicious taste. Peanut oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids (including 41.2% oleic acid and 37.6% linoleic acid). In addition, it also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid, peanut acid and other saturated fatty acids (19.9%). The fatty acid composition of peanut oil is relatively good and easy for human body to digest and absorb. According to foreign materials, peanut oil can decompose cholesterol into bile acid and excrete it out of the body, so as to reduce the content of cholesterol in plasma. In addition, peanut oil also contains sterols, wheat germ phenols, phospholipids, vitamin E, choline and other substances beneficial to human body. Regular consumption of peanut oil can prevent skin wrinkle and aging, protect blood vessel wall, prevent thrombosis, and help prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. The choline in peanut oil can also improve the memory of human brain and delay the decline of brain function.

Nutritional value of peanut oil

It has been proved that the zinc content of peanut oil is many times that of salad oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil. Although there are many ways to supplement zinc, oil is a necessary supplement for people's daily life, so peanut oil is especially suitable for the public to supplement zinc.

It contains anti-aging ingredients, which can delay the aging of brain function. Peanut oil also has the effect of invigorating the spleen and moistening the lungs, relieving accumulated food and expelling internal insects.

It was also found that resveratrol, monounsaturated fatty acid and & beta; - sitosterol were three kinds of health-care components of heart and brain blood vessels, which could prolong life. Experiments showed that these substances were chemical preventive agents for tumor diseases, and also for reducing platelet aggregation, preventing arteriosclerosis and heart and brain diseases.

The choline in peanut oil can improve the memory of human brain and delay the decline of brain function.

The above is the introduction of the nutritional value of peanut oil. After understanding, we know that peanut oil has rich nutritional value, which can play a good role in anti-aging and memory improvement, and can better ensure the quality of diet. In addition, we must pay attention to light diet in our daily life to make the diet more healthy.