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Is it true that people are easy to provoke mosquitoes and mosquitoes to pick blood before they bite

In the season of mosquito rampancy, we will find that some people especially attract mosquitoes, while some people don't like to get close to them. It's true that mosquitoes need to pick blood before they bite. What blood type is more likely to attract mosquitoes?

1. Why do mosquitoes suck blood

We know that the mosquito that can bite is a female mosquito. Female mosquitoes need to bite people to obtain the substances in human blood that can promote the maturation of their eggs, so as to help them improve their reproductive capacity.

2. Mosquitoes do not distinguish blood types

Mosquitoes don't differentiate between human blood types. So what does it depend on to judge the biting? If the blood of human body contains carbohydrate or rich cholesterol, vitamin B and so on, the mosquito can feel it through the antennae to bite.

3. What blood type do mosquitoes like

Although mosquitoes don't know the blood type, we can still judge the blood type that mosquitoes like to bite. Mosquitos like to bite people with type a blood most. It is generally said that people with type a blood have no immunity to smallpox and are more likely to provoke mosquitos, followed by people with type O blood. People with O blood have sweet taste in their blood, which is the sugar substance that mosquitoes search for, so they are easy to recruit mosquitoes; people with AB blood are not easy to be bitten by mosquitoes because of their strong skin immune resistance.

4. Who is easy to provoke mosquitoes

In addition to the blood types mentioned above and the people with cholesterol and vitamin B in the blood are easy to provoke mosquitoes, in addition, the people with large vital capacity are easy to attract mosquitoes because of their long breath and the carbon dioxide they exhale; the people who like to wear black clothes are also easy to attract mosquitoes because they have no reflective effect on mosquitoes; Sweating more people because sweat contains a lot of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds are easy to provoke mosquitoes and so on.