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Is Huajia seafood? Which season is the best? Huajia is a kind of food often eaten in summer and autumn. Is Huajia seafood?

Is Huajia seafood

Huajia belongs to seafood.

Flower beetle, also known as Meretrix, is a mollusk that lives on the shallow sea floor in Hainan. And we call the aquatic products living in the river as river fresh, the aquatic products growing in the lake as Lake fresh, and the nature living in the sea is a kind of seafood.

Definition of seafood

As long as it is produced in the sea, edible animal or plant raw materials are generally called seafood. Including fish, shrimp, shellfish and so on. Huajia is seafood, and belongs to shellfish seafood.

Shellfish seafood: refers to the shellfish that can be eaten by human beings and tastes delicious. Common oysters, mussels, clams, razor clams and so on are all of this kind.

What's the best season to eat

Eat best in summer and autumn.

The suitable growth temperature of the flower beetle is 15-30 ℃. When the sea water temperature reaches 11 ℃ in spring, the flower beetle begins to grow slowly. The higher the temperature, the faster the flower beetle grows. Therefore, the temperature is the highest in July and August, and the flower beetle is the most plump. The flower beetle before the autumn cooling is also very plump, so the flower beetle eats better in summer and early autumn.