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When will oppofindx be released in China? What is the domestic price of oppofindx

When will oppofindx be released in China? What is the domestic price of oppofindx last week, oppo released the latest flagship model, oppo find x, which shocked the whole audience in terms of appearance and design. However, this oppo find x release is only emerging in foreign countries, not in China. When will oppo find X be released in China? What's the price? Let's have a look.

On March 19, 2014, the first oppo find 7 supporting vooc flash charging was officially released in 79 cans in Beijing. It was the first time that the concept of low-pressure quick charging was actually implemented in the industry, which was quite amazing. On June 29, 2018, oppo again set the launch of find x at 79 cans. It seems that it is not only a strong announcement of the official return of find Series in China, but also a strong confidence to deliver a satisfactory answer to users.

Last week, oppo find X was officially unveiled in France. It has a 93.8% curved panoramic screen with the highest screen share, an innovative dual track periscope structure, front and rear cameras and sensing elements that are only perceived when needed, the ubiquitous soft curve of the fuselage, the gorgeous back cover brought by 3D laminated streamer stippling technology, 3D structured light face recognition with payment security level, find X is full of many surprising features, and oppo makes them extremely harmonious and consistent, which makes people want to explore what's behind it.

Although the French press conference is already full of dry goods, but because of find There are too many highlights on X, and there are many details we want to know in detail. For example, after the low-power intelligent mic has DSP module and NXP noise reduction scheme, what kind of call and response can be achieved. After responding, what kind of convenient experience can be brought to our daily life with the help of the voice assistant of oppo deep multi-level cross application.

The depth of coloros 5.1 in AI also makes people curious, whether the information integration with a negative screen will be more intelligent and perfect. In addition, oppo claims that the smarter the AI is, the smarter it is, the better it can intelligently predict and preload the next four applications that are most likely to be opened, which will increase the application startup speed by an average of 44%, which will also improve the actual user experience.

In terms of price, the international version starts from 999 euros, about 7600 yuan, but the domestic price should be far lower than 7000 yuan, which is likely to start from 4999 yuan.