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Which school is good for China Opera and Nortel? The comprehensive strength of China Opera and Norte Recently, the scores of provinces and cities across the country have been announced one after another, and the admission score line has been published one after another. The stars in the college entrance examination are particularly obvious. Many friends know that stars will mostly choose Zhongxi or Beidian when they participate in the college entrance examination, so many friends will wonder, which is stronger, Beidian or Zhongxi? Let's have a look.

I don't know what you usually think of the actors and stars of Beijing Film Academy and Central Academy of drama. Today, Xiaobian will analyze the strength of the stars of these two art institutions!

First of all, here is a comparative picture of the strength of actors in Chinese opera and Beiying opera. You can have a look and think about the Tao in it.

Xiaobian feels that by contrast, he really thinks that the performance of the actors in the Central Academy of drama is really good. If Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi, two actresses of the rebellious level in the Central Academy of drama, are removed, in fact, the gap between China Opera and Nortel is not too big.

According to Xiaobian's understanding of Beijing Film Academy, the most powerful part of Beijing Film Academy is behind the scenes. In fact, the history of Beiying's performance department is not long. As the saying goes, a good Chinese opera is made of actors, while a northern movie is made of stars~

Whether it's Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, Zheng Shuang, Zhou Dongyu, Guan Xiaotong, gulinaza, Jingtian, or Yao Chen, Huang Bo, Zhao Wei, that is to say, in addition to the flow of small flowers in Beidian, the performance strength is also there~

Let's talk about Beiying again. In fact, Beiying started by training behind the scenes filmmakers such as directors. There was no acting department at first. Many netizens said that Zhang Yimou, director of Beidian photography department, must be more important than actor. His works are classified as Beidian. In fact, what Xiaobian wants to say today is actor, which is not contradictory to Zhang's export from Beiying.

Although the Spring Festival holiday hasn't passed, the preliminary examination of the Chinese opera art examination has begun. Today, the preliminary examination of the art examination of the Central Academy of drama officially begins. This year, 598 Chinese opera undergraduates plan to recruit, and the enrollment scale of the performance department is still 50.

In addition, the stars of this year's art examination include: Wu Lei, song Weilong, Zhang Yijie, Li Randi, Li Hongyi, Zhong Yixuan, Hu Xianxu, Zhu Zijie, etc. The three schools, Zhongxi and Shangxi, and Beidian, have always been favored by thin beauties and handsome men. Guan Xiaotong and Wang Junkai only reported to the school of Beijing Film Academy when they took the art examination at that time. They said that their favorite actor, Yang Mi, graduated from this school.

What do you want to say after seeing the strength comparison between the two top drama schools? In fact, even if you have been admitted to the top art school, you will be lucky to be famous in the future, but the career they want to choose, I hope you will succeed in the art test! Let's talk about the art test!