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What kind of food is good for liver detoxification? What's bad for liver? What's better for conditio

Sihaiwang: the liver is the only detoxifying organ in our body. When there is a problem with our liver, it will affect our health, even endanger our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what is good for the liver, because it can help us maintain the normal detoxification function of the liver. Let's talk about it in detail!

1. Protein food

In our daily life, we must ensure the full intake of protein, such as eggs, tofu, milk, fish, etc. the protein content of this kind of food is very rich, in addition, it is also high-quality protein.

But in the protein supplement food must pay attention to observe the 'high protein, low calorie' principle, this kind of food is the liver's favorite. The reason why we need to add a lot of protein is that it is the "maintenance worker" of the liver, which can play a very good role in repairing liver cells and promoting liver cell regeneration.

However, protein intake is not as good as the more, experts remind us to pay attention to the right amount, in general, normal people should take more than 90 grams of high-quality protein per day, but less than 150 grams.

2. Sugary food

Experts pointed out that sugar is an effective nutrient to protect the liver, so we should also take a moderate amount of sugar in our daily life. It has been found that each gram of glucose can provide about 70% of the energy needed by the human body. If we lack sugar for a long time, it will lead to a large amount of energy shortage. In this case, our liver function will be greatly damaged. In addition, these sugary foods can also synthesize a substance called glycogen, which is stored in the liver to prevent toxin damage to liver cells.

There are many foods rich in sugar in life, such as rice, pasta, sugar, honey, juice, etc., so people with liver function impairment should eat more of these foods to protect the normal function of the liver.

3. Vitamin a food

Now there are more and more people suffering from liver cancer. In view of this situation, experts specially remind modern people to eat more foods rich in vitamin A in normal life. It can be said that the liver is the 'warehouse' for human body to store vitamins. Once the liver function is damaged, the capacity of vitamins in it will also decline, which will seriously affect the health of the whole human body. Moreover, it has been found that vitamin A can protect the liver and effectively prevent and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in the liver.

Under normal circumstances, the vitamin a content required by men is 800 micrograms per day, while that of women is 750 micrograms. When replenishing, please pay attention not to exceed 3000 micrograms at a time, which will damage the liver health instead. In the face of what is good for the liver, vitamin a food is also the first choice.

4. B vitamins

People with impaired liver function should also pay attention to eat more foods rich in B vitamins in their daily life. This nutrient is like the "oil depot" of our liver. Proper supplement can accelerate the metabolism of substances and turn them into energy. Proper supplement can not only "refuel" the liver, but also repair the liver function, prevent fatty liver degeneration, and then prevent fatty liver.