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What are the four functions of grape seed extract

Grape seed extract, in fact, is a kind of nutrient extracted from the pure natural grape seed. It mainly contains rich vitamin E, which is a very pure natural antioxidant. If it is taken frequently, it can play a role of beauty and beauty, and even can achieve the role of anti-aging. Let's take a look

i. known as skin vitamin and oral cosmetics

1. Grape seed extract is known as a natural sun cover, which can prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.

2. Prevent excessive cross-linking, keep moderate cross-linking, delay and reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles, and keep skin smooth and smooth.

3. It has a significant effect on the treatment of acne, color spots, whitening and so on, and there is no sequela caused by general external use of acne, spot whitening products and so on.

2、 Cardiovascular protection and hypertension prevention

1. Improve the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure

2. Prevention of thrombosis

3、 Anti radiation effect

1. Reduce the harm of UV, mobile phone, TV and other radiation sources to human body.

2. After irradiation, the body can produce endogenous free radicals, which can cause lipid peroxidation and other damage. OPC has the function of scavenging free radicals and inhibiting oxidative damage.

4、 Anti allergy and anti inflammation

1. Grape seed OPC has been recognized as a natural anti allergy star in the world. It is very effective for pollen allergy, and there are no side effects such as drowsiness and obesity after taking general anti allergy drugs.

2. It can be selectively combined with the connective tissue of the joint to prevent joint swelling, help to cure the damaged tissue and relieve the pain. Therefore, procyanidins have a significant effect on various types of arthritis.

Moreover, grape seed extract can not only nourish the skin, but also fight against radiation. After all, radiation is everywhere in people's lives, especially to reduce ultraviolet rays, and the harm of mobile phones to people. When we have allergies, we can also use this drug, which can achieve a certain degree Anti allergic effect.