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What are the cleaning and maintenance methods of red sandalwood? What are the precautions for red sa

Sihaiwang: red sandalwood is a more valuable wood. Many people who like to play with literature only love red sandalwood. Red sandalwood must not use oily maintenance products to maintain. Red sandalwood is a kind of hardwood with high density. It is not easy to encounter moth. However, ultraviolet light has an effect on its appearance. So how to properly maintain the beloved red sandalwood? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Advantages and disadvantages of red sandalwood board

Red sandalwood, also known as "green dragon wood", belongs to the butterfly shaped flower family. It is a subtropical evergreen tree. It is five or six Zhang tall, with compound leaves, flowers and butterflies shaped leaves. Its fruit has wings, and its wood is very hard. Its color is red. When the red sandalwood enters the water, it will sink. Red sandalwood is a kind of special hard and heavy tree species in the legume red sandalwood, which is the most advanced material in Redwood.

Advantages of red sandalwood board:

1. The color is darker and more reflects the style of antique, which is used for traditional furniture. 2. The wood is heavy and feels good. 3. Generally, wood has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood. 4. The material is hard, with high strength, wear resistance and good durability.

Disadvantages of red sandalwood board:

1. Because the yield is less, it is difficult to have high-quality tree species, and the quality is uneven. 2. The lines and rings are not clear, and the visual effect is not fresh enough. 3. Heavy material, not easy to handle. 4. The material is hard, the processing is difficult and easy to crack. 5. The material is relatively greasy, and it is easy to return oil under high temperature.

Cleaning and maintenance methods of red sandalwood

Red sandalwood wood contains water. When the air humidity is too low, it will shrink. When it is too high, it will expand. So don't put it in a dry or wet place. Red sandalwood is a kind of hardwood with high density. It is not easy to encounter moth. However, ultraviolet light has an effect on its appearance. We have done experiments on the appearance of red sandalwood in the environment of ozone concentration and in the dark environment under the sun. In the direct sunlight, red sandalwood color will turn yellow, while the shade color is still purple red black. Therefore, if you don't pursue it deliberately, don't put red sandalwood utensils in the sun or in front of large glass windows facing south.

The surface should avoid friction with hard objects, so as to avoid damage to the paint and wood surface texture. For example, when placing decorative items such as porcelain and copper ware, special care should be taken, preferably a soft cloth. When carrying or moving furniture, handle it with care and do not drag it mechanically to avoid damaging the mortise and tenon structure. Never wipe with wet cloth or rough cloth. Some people cherish antiques too much, do not want to use red sandalwood furniture, only for decoration, but will find that its luster is decreasing. It's right to brush every now and then, and don't make dust. The spirit of red sandalwood comes from common Changxin. Red sandalwood is often touched by people where the light will be abnormal, including the new red sandalwood furniture is even more so.

Red sandalwood furniture that has not been used for many years. The color is getting gray. Therefore, the word "antique" still has many meanings. Red sandalwood needs to be played frequently. Like jade, the jade that is often played in the hands will have different colors. The more lovely it becomes. Often touch, wipe with fine cloth (silk, cashmere fabric), can make red sandalwood more and more bright, form transparent medium on the surface, see light and shadow floating.