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How to make crystal door studs for old Beijing snacks

Crystal doornail is a kind of snack in old Beijing. Its outer skin is white and tender, and its inner filling is a mixture of nuts and sugar. It is soft, oily, sweet and delicious. People who like to eat crystal door studs also like to make them by themselves. How to make crystal door studs? Let's study together.

The practice of crystal door studs in Beijing snacks

Crystal doornail is made of hair flour. When making, add some alkali flour and white sugar to the leavened flour and knead it evenly. Spread the white flour on the paper, steam it in the upper cage, take it out, roll it out after cooling, cut dice with lard oil, cut short silk with green and red silk, wash the melon seeds and raisins with water, and knead the above raw materials together with sugar and sweet osmanthus to form crystal filling.

Roll the hair into a round strip, pull the dough agent, press it into a round skin with a diameter of 5cm one by one by hand, put 30g stuffing on each round skin, wrap it into a 6.6cm high, 3.3cm thick, the top of the top is in the shape of a round ball, with the mouth facing down, after a few minutes, steam it into the cage.

Characteristics of crystal door studs in Beijing snacks

The steamed crystal door studs are white, tender and tender on the outside and soft and oily on the inside. The pastry made of fine cooked flour has a very dense taste. The fragrance of melon seeds and lard is constantly coming out. The aroma is slowly mixed and diffused in the mouth. The red, green and green green green green silk is good-looking, and the slightly sour taste can also be improved. The purple and green inner stuffing and the outer skin of powder form a strong contrast, which stimulates the visual taste buds of tourists.