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Does air conditioning disease produce sweating? Food therapy of air conditioning disease

In the hot summer, we all turn on the air conditioner to cool down. Staying indoors for a long time, we get air conditioning disease. What is air conditioning disease? Is air conditioning disease sweating? Does air conditioning disease have the method of dietotherapy? Let's see with Xiaobian.

Does air conditioning disease produce sweating

Yes, air conditioning disease will have symptoms of sweating

Air conditioning disease is actually caused by dry air. In summer, when the air conditioner cools, it brings people cool air, but also produces a lot of condensation water, which makes the indoor air become more and more dry. For a long time in this dry air, it is not difficult to understand that our eyes are dry and our lips are dry. Secondly, because our skin is less clothed, most of it is exposed in this dry air, even if it does not sweat, it will lose a lot of water. Thirdly, when we breathe, we inhale dry air, and exhale almost saturated moisture. In this way, it will lose There are more water branches in our country. As time goes on, our nasal mucosa and tracheal mucosa will become dry. In serious cases, there will be dry cracks. Viruses such as colds will enter into our blood directly, which will inevitably lead to colds and coughs.

How to treat air conditioning disease best


Once suffering from air conditioning disease, you can take Huoxiang Zhengqi water or Huoxiang Qushu capsule for treatment, and you can also choose the newly developed iloco Yijin Jiedu tablet or jinhongsheng compound guazijin granules for treatment. In addition, you can also drink some mung bean soup, watermelon Cuiyi Soup for dietotherapy.

Dietotherapy air conditioning disease

Use 100g of fresh lotus leaf and 30g of Huoxiang (dry product and 50g of fresh Huoxiang), add 800ml of water, boil for another 20 minutes with a small fire, filter out the residue, and take 500ml of medicine liquid; use this medicine liquid and 100g of Yiren to boil into congee. Take one dose in the morning and one in the evening.

Diet regulation of air conditioning disease

1. Drink more yoghurt

Adhere to a balanced diet, if people have alcohol, mental tension or unbalanced diet, it will weaken people's disease resistance. To correct this imbalance, we must rely on healthy bacteria, which are contained in yoghurt.

2. Drink more boiled water

Remember, it's boiled water! It can keep the mucous membrane in the nose and mouth moist. Drinking more water can also make people feel fresh and full of vitality. Boiled water has a very ideal physiological activity on the metabolism of human body. Water is easily absorbed by the body through the cell membrane, which enhances the activity of LDH in human organs, thus effectively improving the disease resistance and immune ability of human body.

3. Eat more seafood

Seafood is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper and so on. Regular consumption can promote immune function.

4. Drink tea often

Scientists found that tea contains a chemical called theanine. Because it can mobilize human immune cells to resist bacteria, fungi and viruses, it can increase the ability of human body to resist infection by more than five times.

5. Moderate consumption of red wine

Most alcoholic beverages can inhibit the immune system, but red wine, on the contrary, contains some antioxidants that are good for enhancing immune function and protecting the heart.