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Analysis on the policy of renting and settling down in many cities

Analysis on the policy of renting and settling down in many cities Recently, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development announced that it would let renters enjoy the same rights and interests as buyers, and then the rapid report came from all over the country. In response to the call, the city began to formulate regulations and regulations on the interests of renters. Let me see the details below!

The renter's interest is continuous. Wuxi released a new policy of "renting houses to settle down" on August 28, arousing social concern. The reporter found that Zhengzhou, Yangzhou, Jinan and other cities have proposed or proposed similar measures recently. Among them, it is a new trend to include rental housing into the category of "legal and stable residence". Industry insiders believe that if the rental housing can not be settled, it is impossible to talk about the same right of rental and purchase. The settlement of rental housing helps to protect the rights and interests of rental groups, more cities or follow-up.

Wuxi, Zhengzhou and other places promote 'renting and settling down'

In the middle of July, Guangzhou put forward "the same right of rent and purchase" for the lessee's children to enter the school nearby. Since then, the actions of the local housing rental market have not stopped.

On September 28, Wuxi City issued the revised regulations on the registration of household registration access in Wuxi City, which cancelled the policies on investment and house purchase settlement, added the policies on the settlement of rental housing, and expanded the recognition scope of legal and stable residence to rental housing. The new policy will be implemented formally from September 1.

The reporter found that in addition to Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Yangzhou, Jinan and other places have also proposed or planned to put forward the measures of "renting houses to settle down".

Among them, Zhengzhou is clear that there are legal and stable residences in the county (city), Shangjie district government resident towns and other construction towns

Persons (including renters) and their spouses, children and parents living together can apply for permanent residence in the local area according to their wishes. In cities and towns, community public accounts shall be established. Those who actually live in the area of their jurisdiction but do not have their own legal house property rights shall be uniformly settled in the community public account.

Jinan put forward in the implementation opinions on further deepening the reform of the household registration system (Draft for comments) that the restrictions on investment, tax payment, housing purchase and other settlement should be removed, and permanent residents outside the five districts (Lixia, Shizhong, Huaiyin, Tianqiao, Licheng) in the city should have legal and stable residences (including leasing), legal and stable employment and participate in the city's urban employees according to the regulations After 2 years of endowment insurance, I, my spouse and minor children can apply for settlement in the residence.

Yangzhou also made it clear that legal and stable residence refers to the property right housing purchased, self built, inherited and donated, the property right housing of state-owned economic organizations, the indemnificatory housing provided by the government and the rental housing registered with the housing administration department.

It can be seen that it has become a new trend to cancel the policy of house purchase and settlement, and to include the rental housing into the category of "legal and stable residence". In fact, in 2016, the general office of the State Council successively issued two documents, i.e. several opinions on further promoting the construction of new urbanization and the plan for promoting the settlement of 100 million non registered population in cities, which stipulated that no large and medium-sized cities should set up settlement restrictions by means of housing purchase, investment and tax payment.

The conditions for renting and settling down are different, and the key groups are more relaxed

In terms of the conditions for renting houses and settling down, the thresholds vary from place to place, most of which are determined by the number of years of paying social security in the locality.

The threshold set by Wuxi for housing rental is: to participate in urban social insurance, to apply for (sign) the residence permit of Jiangsu Province for five years (Yixing for three years). At the same time, the unregistered housing lease agreement signed between residents can not be used as settlement conditions, and only the rental housing registered by the housing management department can be settled.

Zhengzhou has set up the conditions for migrant workers to participate in urban social insurance for at least 2 years in Zhengzhou; Yangzhou requires to have stable employment and pay urban workers social insurance for at least 5 years without interruption; Jinan proposed in the draft for comments that for permanent residents outside the five districts (Lixia, Shizhong, Huaiyin, Tianqiao, Licheng) in the city, they also have legal and stable residences (including leasing) in the region ). legal and stable employment and have participated in the city's urban employees' endowment insurance for at least 2 years.

In addition, some places have further relaxed the settlement conditions for some key groups.

For example, Wuxi has made it clear that for college graduates, middle and senior technical workers and overseas returnees, they need only pay social insurance and apply for (sign) the residence permit of Jiangsu Province in Wuxi according to law, and allow themselves, their spouses and their minor children to settle down in the city; they do not set specific conditions for legal and stable residence, and can settle down in their own residence according to the actual situation Rental housing, unit collective household and community household.

'this kind of policy fully shows the direction of the current hot third tier cities' household registration system reform and rental system reform, and it is expected that other cities will follow up, which will help to protect the rights and interests of rental groups. "Said Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute.

How to balance the rights and interests of more cities or rentable houses?

Renting houses can be settled, which can be said to be the embodiment of "renting and purchasing the same right" in the field of household registration. In the future, what public welfare can the lessee enjoy?

'as the important public welfare such as enrollment is linked to household registration, if the lease can not be settled, there is no way to talk about the same right of lease and purchase. "Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, told that the settlement of the rental is conducive to the stability of the leasing relationship, and the core of the stability of the leasing relationship is actually the asset income in the property right and the public welfare in the use right.

Previously, nine departments including the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the notice on accelerating the development of housing rental market in large and medium-sized cities with net inflow of population, 12 cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Foshan and Zhaoqing became the first batch of pilot cities.

Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development told the media that in the future, legislation will be adopted to clarify the rights and obligations of the parties to the lease, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, establish a system to stabilize the lease term and rent, and gradually make the tenants enjoy the same treatment with the residents of the buyer in terms of basic public services.

Will these 12 cities join the camp of "renting houses and settling down"? Zhang Dawei thinks "definitely", but he is also worried that, based on different positions of the leasing relationship, homeowners are generally not willing to settle down with tenants, which may lead to the conflict of rights division. The key is to see how the policy details are set and settled down.

According to Zhang Dawei, there are two ways to encourage leasing: either to directly increase the number of rental houses, which Beijing, Shanghai and other places are already doing; or to increase the rental rights, but first obtain the consent of the homeowner or protect their due rights and interests. 'if you just want to split the rights with the homeowner, it may cause the rent to rise. '