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How to maintain the piano correctly

Sihaiwang: piano is a kind of more valuable instrument, but also a kind of handicraft. After maintenance, it can be used for an extended period of time. If the protection is not appropriate, it will accelerate aging. Therefore, in addition to regular maintenance, it also needs protection at ordinary times. So how to properly maintain the piano? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Arrangement of piano

Due to its own structure and material selection, the piano has higher requirements on the placement environment: too high humidity will cause the wooden parts of the piano to expand, deform and degumme, the metal parts to rust, the cloth, felt and leather to expand and fall off, resulting in the sluggish motion of the percussion machine, the failure of the key movement, and the dullness of the piano sound; too dry will cause the piano paint to burst, the wooden structure to contract, deform and leave Layer, crack and looseness lead to looseness of string axis, misalignment of intonation and noise.

A healthy piano can't do without maintenance. It is easy to be ignored that the arrangement of piano is the most routine maintenance content. In terms of maintenance, the arrangement of piano shall meet the following requirements:

1. The temperature is 20-25. Relative humidity 50-60% is suitable.

2、 The placement environment is relatively constant. Avoid placing piano near windows or external walls. The change of external climate (temperature and humidity) will affect the pitch and volume of the piano, and even damage the components and structure of the piano. In the same way, do not let the air conditioner directly play the piano.

3. Avoid the harm of radiation and hot air to the piano. The piano should be away from heat sources such as radiator and heater (the distance should not be less than 1 m), and avoid direct sunlight.

4. Keep away from humid environment. Piano should be far away from the toilet, kitchen and other places prone to moisture.

5. Good ventilation is required. When the piano is placed against the wall, a certain distance shall be kept from the wall. The vertical piano shall not be less than 10cm, and the horizontal piano shall not be less than 30cm.

6. It should be placed on the ground completely for four rounds.