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What is the use of perfume under the armpit?

In the summer of summer, the sweat volume of the human body is increasing, and sweating under the armpit is the most. Many people are used to spray sweat under the armpit except for sweating, especially women. Perfume spray on the armpit is very harmful to the skin. What are the dangers of perfume under the armpit?

1. Damage to armpit function

Armpit is an important sweat in the human body. Some toxins in the human body will also be discharged from the body with sweat. It will play an important role in people's health. However, many people often neglect the health of armpit. For some women who love to spray perfume on their armpit, the harm is even greater.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, armpit is an important part of hand Shaoyin heart channel and hand Taiyang small intestine channel, which plays an important role in people's health. And often in the armpit perfume, it is easy to damage axillary function.

The fragrance and other substances in perfume can easily induce some allergic reactions. For some women with sensitive skin, it is more likely to cause skin infections and other bad inflammation. It also makes the hair follicles of the armpit undesirable clogging, so that the sweat spots of the armpit are silted, so the function of the axillary autonomously perspiring will be affected.

And perfume in the armpit will also cause obstruction to the skin pores of the armpit, so the metabolites in the human body can not be discharged normally, which is also an important factor affecting the axillary excretion. Therefore, the accumulation of toxins in the body will increase the burden of the kidneys to decompose toxins.

2. Degree of Bromhidrosis aggravation

A lot of women who often wear perfume love to spray some perfume on some important sweating places of their bodies. So some women who care about details will not let off their armpit. But for some women with axillary osmidrosis, they often use perfume under their armpit, can they really use it as a sweaty body fragrance? Can they really cover up the bad smell of their armpits? Yes.

The taboo of perfume is never to be in a sweat place.

Some eyebrows are easy to smell, so they want to cover them with perfume. This will not only make no effect, but also make the smell worse. Never spray perfume on your armpit, because sweating is easy to sweat under the armpit. The collocation of sweat and perfume is another new flavor, which may be more disgusting than sweaty taste. If you want to cover the body odor and do a good job in sweat prevention, you can use special underarm products.

2、 Don't mix incense

Some beautiful eyebrows have a taste, a taste on the head, and two tastes mixed together, in fact, will greatly affect the effect. If you want to use perfume, remember not to mix with incense. If you want to apply hair care products or styling products on your head, please choose a tasteless product that will not affect the effect of perfume.

Three, perfume should not be more.

Perfume should not spray too much at the same time. It is too much too thick. Not only will others feel bad, but also feel like vomiting. Perfume actually partly hidden and partly visible is the best. The best way to spray perfume is to spray perfume into the air and then turn it around in the air, so that the perfume can be evenly distributed on the body, and there will be no heavy smell in some places, and some places with light fragrance.

The correct way to use perfume is 1. Perfume should be sprayed on parts which are not easy to sweat and pulse is obvious, such as ears, neck, wrist and knees.

2, when using perfume, do not spray too much at one time, and spray the best effect in a small amount and many places.

3, do not spray perfume on light colored clothing, so as not to leave stains.

4, when the body is heavy after bathing, the fragrance will be released more clearly when the perfume is sprayed on the body.

5, if you want to make a fragrant fragrance, you can spray the perfume into the air first, then rotate it in the air full of perfume, so that the perfume falls evenly on the body.

Note: sensitive skin can spray perfume into underwear, handkerchiefs or skirt.