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Is refa scraping board easy to use? How to use refa scraping board correctly

Refa scrapping board is on the market again, and the fairies start the crazy robbery mode again. Refa scrapping board is a beauty instrument with a sense of shock. For those who want to get rid of wrinkles, you can try this product. Next, we take a look at the use of Korean refa scrapping board evaluation.

Is refa scrapping plate easy to use

It is refa's only sensitive beauty instrument that can make people clearly feel the shock. If you want to specially remove wrinkles, wrinkles and decrees, you can start with this one directly! It's the best product of refa's family to quickly remove wrinkles! The current is 15 times of refa's, and the best artifact tax-free shop for wrinkle treatment costs 274 US dollars.

Refa scrapping board 'electric iron', this is an upgraded version of refa. The micro current is 15 times of the two rounds of classic refa. It can be collocation with essence, and can be used directly after mask. In addition to face thinning, law and order lines, wrinkle removal, lymphatic drainage, in addition to lifting and tightening, it also promotes absorption and introduction. Well, I also think it's amazing. During the process of grass planting, it's easy to fall into the pit.

South Korea refa scraping board use evaluation use gently according to the center of metal scraping to massage their own face, easily and effectively detoxify and dredge the lymph, this product is made of antibacterial stainless steel, comfortable, smooth and meticulous, designed to fit the eye chin, etc., with the traditional Chinese ancient scraping beauty method, it can effectively discharge the old waste horniness, help blood circulation, whitening, improve the makeup paste Makeup.

It can be used for facial massage, with beauty liquid or essential oil

It can promote facial blood dredging, enhance skin color, make essence absorption better and more efficient. It can be used all over the body. It is cute in shape and easy to carry.

You can do cosmetology anytime, anywhere. You can dredge the stiff and tight muscles when you are tired

Refa scrapping plate use micro current mode to improve skin texture and build firm skin

1. Place your finger on the touchpad and hold CAXA up.

2. Place the middle part of the big and small arc on the chin edge and slide it under the ear. (3 times)

Massage with ionic skin care to create elastic and lustrous skin

1. Change the way of CAXA up.

2. Close to the statutory pattern, slide slowly towards the ear.

Take about 5 seconds to slowly pull up (3 times). See the instructions for details