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Five mistakes should be avoided in weaning baby

Now we all advocate breastfeeding and weaning naturally, but many Baoma are forced to wean their babies early due to personal reasons. How old can a baby be weaned? Can a baby be weaned in summer? Many Baoma want to wean her baby in summer, but they are worried about the impact on the baby. Let Xiaobian popularize some knowledge about weaning.

After weaning, there are "three wants" and "three don't"

1. Do not use the traditional one night inflation and retreat method

As soon as some mums say they want to get back to the baby, they should be fully prepared and figure out the way to wean the baby. As we all know, it's better to return milk step by step, on the basis of not hurting the baby and yourself. Especially in the case of strong dependence on breast milk, fast weaning is a disaster for both baby and Mommy.

Baby mental anxiety, not willing to eat, not willing to communicate with others, fidgety, crying acutely, sleep is not good, and even sick, inevitably affecting health;

The milk is deposited into a lump, which makes mommy painful and intolerable. The nutritious milk provides a good environment for bacteria. It is easy to lead to mastitis or even abscess formation and has to be treated surgically;

Through such torture, Mammy's breast may appear more serious hyperplasia or other lesions.

2. Weaning is best to miss summer and winter

Most moms know how to choose a baby's weaning time, which is best in the cool spring and autumn. In fact, for mummy, weaning in spring and autumn is also the best choice for the recovery of her body.

In summer and winter, the weather is not stable, and it is easy to catch cold before and after weaning, which is a hidden danger to the health of baby and Mommy. In the spring and autumn, the cool and comfortable weather will not only make the baby and Mommy feel happy and comfortable, but also help to adjust the diet before and after the milk return, so as to better adapt to the milk return.

3. Weaning cannot break love

Some mums listen to the "old saying" when they return milk, and paint ink, chili water and other irritants on the nipple. It's cruel 'torture' for baby. Mommy thinks that baby will give up breast milk because of its aversion to breast milk, but the effect is just the opposite. Baby is likely to be frightened, think that there is something wrong with her food, and refuse to eat anything because of fear, thus affecting her health. Some moms send their babies to their mother's or mother-in-law's home. They don't even see them for a few days. For baby's emotion, Mommy's milk is gone, but it can't be without mommy's love. Long time separation of mother and child, not broken milk, but also affect the baby's physical and mental health, it's not worth it.

Measures to wean baby

1. Diet must be controlled

It should be light and not greasy. Drink less water and less soup, especially chicken soup, fish soup and other hair milk food. You can eat leek and hawthorn properly. Especially with objective factors, if mummy has to go on a business trip for a period of time, she is likely to be completely weaned in a few days. If Mommy doesn't take any more milk after work, the milk in the daytime will soon be broken.

2. Drug treatment

It can be used to fry 90 grams of malt, decoct in water, take one dose in two days for three days; it can also be used to take 5 mg of diethylstilbestrol twice a day for five days; it can also take 6200 mg of vitamin B three times a day. 2 days later, it was changed to 100 mg, 3 times a day, for 3 days in total; or 0.25 mg bromocriptine, 2 times a day, orally, for 14 days in a row. The effect was ideal for those who had a large amount of milk secretion and needed to stop breastfeeding.

But these medicine methods mentioned above are best taken according to the doctor's instructions. In addition, if breast lump, local skin redness, fever and other symptoms occur during weaning, timely treatment should be carried out.

3. Natural milk return

The specific method is very simple, that is, stop breastfeeding and try to bear the pain of breast fullness. After a week or so, let the milk expand back by itself. This method is the first choice for mothers who are not a lot of their own milk.

In this process, if there is a lot of milk, you can also use a cloth or a slightly tight bra to tighten the breast, or you can squeeze out the milk by massage first, then tighten the breast, and then if you don't feel the breast is too swollen, you can stop milking, so as not to stimulate the breast to secrete milk.

For mothers with more milk, it is recommended to use natural milk return method with drug treatment. In addition, it is suggested that mums should take proper physical exercises and do more chest expanding exercises after successful breast feeding, so that the breasts can recover their elasticity quickly.

Five mistakes should be avoided in weaning baby

1. Weaning is weaning products

Generally speaking, babies can be weaned within 10-12 months. Weaning here refers to weaning, not all dairy products. For babies before the age of 3, dairy products are still important food.

Baby between 1-3 years old, chewing and digestion ability is not comparable to adults, especially need some high nutritional value, digestion and absorption of easy food, and dairy products are such food.

2. Soft heart repeatedly weaning

In the process of weaning, mummy should not only make baby adapt to the change of diet gradually, but also be resolute. Mommy, don't let baby eat milk because baby is crying for a while, and then she needs to wean. The repeated bad emotional stimulation to baby will bring harm to baby's mental health. It is easy to cause baby's emotional instability, night terrors, refusal to eat, and even leave hidden dangers for future mental diseases. It's better to wean baby at one time, otherwise baby will work harder and Mommy will work harder.

3. Separate from Mommy to wean

For small babies, without their mother's breast milk, they can't see their mother again, which will make them lack of security. Especially for babies who rely heavily on breast milk, they may also have strong anxiety, unwilling to eat, fidgety, crying violently, sleeping badly, and even getting sick.

In fact, weaning can play the role of dad, consciously reduce the time mommy and baby get along with, increase the time Daddy takes care of baby, and give baby a psychological adaptation process. Let the baby understand that his father will take care of him as well. The trust in his father will make the baby less dependent on his mother.

4. The method of milk return is rough and simple

In order to return the milk smoothly, some mums take the method of dieting and want to hold the milk back. This is obviously against the physiological law, and it is easy to cause breast pain, serious words will cause breast inflammation. In weaning, there will be different degrees of inflation. When it is really swollen, you can use a sucking device to suck out some milk. Weaning should be carried out step by step, in a planned and step-by-step way, first slowly weaning during the day, and then slowly weaning at night. It is easier for babies to accept it.

5. Ignore mommy's' weaning 'response

When it comes to weaning, we all think that it is a test for the baby, often ignoring the psychological feelings of Mommy during weaning. In fact, Mommy also needs to experience a "weaning" psychologically. Baby weaning may cause hormone changes in mommy and some negative emotions, such as depression and irritability, accompanied by breast pain, dripping milk and other troubles. Mommy should not carry all the emotions alone. She must find someone to listen to. She can also cry about your unwillingness to finish breastfeeding. Because it is also a test for Mommy, and it also needs the attention and concern of her family.