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Latest news of hansad deployment latest progress of Sade deployment the Sade issue in South Korea has always been of great concern. After the turmoil of address change, suspension and environmental impact assessment, North Korea recently released intercontinental missiles late at night. South Korea strongly condemned and accelerated the deployment of Sade. The president of South Korea announced that the deployment of the remaining four 'Sade' launch vehicles would be accelerated. Let's take a look at the latest news of Hansard's deployment!

At about 1:00 a.m. local time on the 29th, South Korean President Wen Jiabao issued a directive at the national security conference in Cheong wa Tai to immediately negotiate with the United States on strengthening the strategic containment between South Korea and the United States, including the deployment of the remaining four 'Sade' launch vehicles.

The missile launch part of the THAAD antimissile system consists of six launch vehicles, as well as other equipment such as radar system. On March 6 this year, two Sade launchers arrived in South Korea.

According to earlier reports, when Wen listened to the relevant reports of "Sade" on May 30, he learned that in addition to the two "Sade" interceptor launch vehicles deployed in Xingzhou, North gyeongshan Road, four launch vehicles were secretly transported into South Korea. He expressed shock and instructed the head of the national security office and the Chief Secretary of civil affairs of qinghuatai to thoroughly investigate the truth.

With regard to the secret entry of the "Sade" launch vehicle into South Korea, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said at a press conference on June 1 that the deployment of the "Sade" system by the United States in South Korea has seriously damaged China's strategic security interests, undermined regional strategic balance, and is not conducive to achieving the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula and regional peace and stability. China is firmly against the efforts of all parties to resolve the issue through dialogue and consultation Opposition. We have made representations to the ROK in this regard, expressed serious concern and solemn position, and strongly urged the US and ROK to immediately stop and cancel the deployment of the 'Sade' system.