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Got the notice of acute gastritis what can acute gastritis eat to alleviate maintenance when it comes to gastritis, I believe everyone is familiar with it. With the improvement of living standard, gastrointestinal diseases are more and more common. As we all know, the stomach is a very delicate organ. If you don't pay attention, you'll feel sick. Gastritis is the most common disease. Gastritis is very painful. It also has a serious impact on our lives. So what if you have acute gastritis? What food can acute gastritis eat to alleviate the effect of maintenance? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What food is good for acute gastritis

1. Fresh lotus root porridge

Some fresh lotus root, 100g japonica rice, a little brown sugar. Wash the fresh lotus root, cut it into thin slices, and clean the japonica rice. Put the rice, lotus root slices and brown sugar into the pot, add some water, boil them with the fire, and then cook them with the fire till the rice is rotten into porridge. Twice a day for breakfast and dinner.

2. Sweet osmanthus heart congee

50g of Japonica rice, 2G of guihuaxin and 2G of Poria cocos. Clean out the rice. Put the heart of osmanthus and tuckahoe into the pot, add some water, boil them with the fire, then cook them for 20 minutes with the fire, filter the dregs and leave the juice. Put the rice and soup into the pot, add some water, boil it with the fire, and then cook it with the slow fire until the rice is rotten into porridge. Once a day, morning and evening meal.

3. Medlar and lotus root soup

Wolfberry 25g, Lotus Root Powder 50g. First add some water to lotus root powder and boil it in a small heat, then add wolfberry. After boiling, it is edible. 100-150 g twice daily.

4. Honey and peach juice drink

Honey 20g, fresh peach 1. Peel the peach, remove the core and press it into juice, then add honey and warm water. 100 ml once or twice a day.

5. Orange peel porridge

25g fresh orange peel and 50g japonica rice. First, wash the orange peel, cut it into pieces, boil it together with the rice, and then eat it when the rice is ripe. Once a day for breakfast.

What should we pay attention to when we get acute gastroenteritis

1、 Pay attention to food hygiene

When eating, we must chew carefully and swallow slowly, so that the food can be fully ground and cut in the mouth and mixed with saliva, which can reduce the burden of the stomach and make the food easier to digest. In addition, we should try to eat less stimulating food, not to drink and smoke. Tobacco and alcohol do great harm to the stomach. The stimulating effect of nicotine in tobacco on the stomach will delay the discharge of gastric contents, and then cause the increase of gastric acid secretion, resulting in the aggravation of gastritis and gastric ulcer. Drinking alcohol, especially on an empty stomach, is more harmful to the patients with gastric diseases. Because alcohol in alcohol has a very large stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, the stomach will have strong contractions, expansions and other movements after being stimulated, which is very easy to cause gastric bleeding or perforation of the gastric ulcer site, resulting in life risk.

2. Regular diet

Many people can't control themselves in their diet. If they encounter delicious food, they will eat it violently. If they don't like it, they will starve. In this way, it is easy to cause the peristaltic function disorder of the stomach, and then make the nerve plexus in the stomach wall function hyperactivity, and promote the secretion of gastric juice. Over time, gastritis or gastric ulcer will appear. Therefore, diet should be fixed time and quantity, do not overeat. People who suffer from stomach disease should eat regularly as much as possible. They can eat 5-6 times a day at a fixed time, with a small amount of food, which can reduce the burden of the stomach and avoid excessive expansion of the stomach. A large number of meals can make the stomach often contain a small amount of food to neutralize the excessive stomach acid. People with serious illness are better to eat nutritious and digestible soft food, such as noodles, rice porridge, milk, etc. if possible, they can also eat more honey, because honey has the function of inhibiting gastric acid secretion and promoting ulcer healing

3. Keep the spirit happy

Whether the stomach is healthy or not has a lot to do with mental factors. Excessive mental stimulation, such as long-term tension, fear, sadness, depression and so on, will cause dysfunction of cerebral cortex, promote dysfunction of vagus nerve, lead to vasospasm contraction of gastric wall, and then induce gastritis and gastric ulcer. Therefore, we should always be cheerful, cheerful and strong willed, and be good at extricating ourselves from difficulties.