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What's the bad performance of liver? What's the best effect of liver detoxification

The liver is an important organ for detoxification of the body. Only when the liver is healthy, can people's complexion and body be healthy. If the liver's detoxification function is abnormal, more and more toxic substances are accumulated in the liver, and the liver is overloaded, it will lead to hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and other liver diseases, which are not treated in time, and there is also the risk of transforming into liver cancer. So we also need to help the liver clear the poison properly at ordinary times.

What are the bad manifestations of liver

In patients with liver function problems, the morphology and structure of the liver will be damaged, and the metabolism of liver function will be affected to some extent; it can also cause obvious material metabolism disorder, detoxification function reduction, bile formation and excretion disorder, bleeding tendency and other abnormal changes of liver function, and there will be a series of clinical symptoms:

1. Rough and dark skin, poor vision, mouth and tongue inflammation, joint pain, etc. are also symptoms of poor liver performance.

2. Patients with bad liver will have anorexia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and other phenomena, but this should be distinguished from stomach diseases.

3. Normal hormone metabolism in the body will also be abnormal due to poor liver problems, which can lead to hyposexuality, menstrual disorders, spider nevus, liver palms, etc.

4. Liver is bad still can show in the eye of patient, skin, urine can appear yellow dye phenomenon, this symptom often is more apparent.

5. Poor liver will lead to a large number of necrosis of liver cells, and then cause the increase of serum transaminase and the decrease of cholinesterase, which will cause fatigue, drowsiness and other symptoms.

What to eat can detoxify the liver

1. Lycium barbarum improves the tolerance of liver.

In addition to detoxification, the ability of the liver to resist toxins should also be improved. This kind of food is medlar, which has a very good role in protecting the liver and can improve the tolerance of the liver to toxins. It's best to chew when eating. Take a handful every day.

2. Eat blue food.

According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the green food can reach the liver qi, play a very good role in soothing the liver, relieving depression and alleviating emotions, and belongs to the food that helps the liver to detoxify. Traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend that you drink the orange or lemon with its skin made into juice or water.

3. Tear detoxification.

Compared with men who never cry, women live longer, which has to do with tears. Traditional Chinese medicine has already had this understanding, and has also been confirmed by western medicine.

4. Press the key points of liver detoxification.

This refers to Taichong Point, which is located in the depression before the first and second metatarsal junction of dorsalis pedis. Press and knead with your thumb for 3-5 minutes, and feel slightly acid swelling. Don't use too much force. Press with two hands instead.