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How to maintain a new car

How to maintain a new car for many new car buyers, they are very careful about how to maintain a new car. In fact, for a new car, we should pay special attention to the maintenance. We should maintain it according to the material and the performance of the car on time. The probability of damage to the car's performance is greatly reduced. Here's a summary of new car maintenance tips!

I. do you need to pay attention to the maintenance details of the new car?

1. The vehicle maintenance files shall be carried with the vehicle.

Generally speaking, the vehicle maintenance records will form a complete vehicle file, including the mileage, maintenance content, maintenance time, detailed description of each maintenance, etc. Every time of maintenance, it is necessary to record the mileage of driving at that time and the condition of maintenance, including the replacement of three filters, the replacement of accessories, the failure of repaired parts, the status of repaired vehicles, maintenance time, precautions for use and other information in the file truthfully. It's better to note down the changes in fuel consumption, driving conditions, car owner's notes and other information to avoid forgetting. The mileage of tire transposition, the mileage and time of oil, antifreeze, brake fluid replacement, etc. shall be recorded clearly and accurately.

2. The vehicle oil, liquid, filter, etc. shall be replaced in time.

The engine oil shall be replaced every 5000 km, the gasoline tank shall be filled up every time the remaining third of the fuel tank, the gear oil shall be replaced every 50000 km, the brake oil shall be replaced every 20000 km, the antifreeze shall be replaced every 30000 km, and the air filter and gasoline filter shall be replaced on time. Oil, water and liquid are clean and do not drip to maintain the use standard, which is the key guarantee for the safe use of vehicles to extend the service life. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

However, it should also be noted that some adjustments should be made according to the actual use of how many kilometers to change the oil and how long to change the wearing parts. Because different vehicles use different environments and driving mileage, and the consumption of oil is also different, so it is impossible to blindly follow the fixed mileage and time.

3. Safe and reliable genuine parts shall be selected for replacement.

I have a principle for vehicle maintenance and parts replacement: key and important parts should be purchased in a regular place with genuine products. There is a big difference in the price of accessories. If you buy unqualified products at a low price, it may bring greater security risks.

Although it is said that some peripheral and secondary accessories can use some auxiliary factory parts, which will not affect the actual use effect, but also pay attention to the product quality in the selection, otherwise there will be endless troubles. For example, brake pads, cylinder lines, spark plugs and other key core components. And the water tank, headlight, bumper, decorative strip and so on can choose the brand with good quality freely.

4. We should not save too much money or we will lose too much.

Some people live frugally. They are also frugal when they love cars and cars. They don't like too much consumption. So I choose to wash the car and do some simple maintenance myself. But there must be a degree of economy, too much is not enough.

What can be allowed is to reduce the cost of crossing the bridge and high-speed driving by taking the expressway; to prepare some tools for washing and waxing, and to clean and maintain your car by yourself; to learn how to check whether the engine oil, antifreeze, brake oil, battery and other conditions are normal and the solutions to failures by yourself; to change the position of the car tires by yourself every 10000 kilometers; to drive smoothly To avoid the high fuel cost caused by fierce driving. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

5. Try to fix a garage for maintenance.

If the maintenance location is fixed, the price can be reduced slightly. Moreover, because the maintenance personnel are familiar with the vehicle situation, it is convenient to find the cause of the problem if the vehicle breaks down.

II. Five oil, three water and five tires that must be achieved in automobile maintenance.

Car maintenance should be five oil and three water. Five oils refer to gasoline, engine oil, gearbox oil, power direction oil and brake oil, three waters refer to water tank, wiper water and battery water, five tyres refer to the basic maintenance of five tyres, which can make the car run better.

There are many precautions for the maintenance of your car. It looks disorderly. Let's refine these five oils, three waters and five tyres into specific precautions for the convenience of memory and operation.

1, five oil

(1) how to check the gasoline?

As long as you are diligent in checking whether the oil gauge is in the end. Note: don't let your oil meter refuel after all. The new cars in production use electric gasoline pump rod and electronic sensor of oil volume. Pay attention to immerse it in gasoline to dissipate heat. In addition, the oil volume is too low, which may affect the oxygen sensor of the exhaust system. These parts are not cheap, so don't refuel until the bottom line is exceeded.

(2) how to check the engine oil?

Just pull out the oil gauge every few days, wipe it clean, insert it and pull it out again, and see if the oil level is between the upper limit and the lower limit. Note: Generally speaking, the oil consumption is not serious enough to pass the period between two maintenance, but in summer, due to the hot weather, the oil consumption will be a little higher than usual. If it is found in the daily inspection that there is impurity or gasoline smell in the engine oil, and the smoke is light blue, it means that the engine is faulty, and the parts may be abnormally worn, so hurry to the factory for maintenance.

(3) how to check the transmission oil?

When you change the engine oil, you can check your transmission oil by the way. Because the inspection process is complicated, you can ask the dealer's service department to handle it. In order to measure accurately, the vehicle must be discharged into neutral p to run at idle speed, and the vehicle must be parked in a flat place, and the oil must run to the working temperature of 80 ℃ ~ 93 ℃. Note: too much or too little oil may damage the gearbox. Too much oil may cause too much running resistance of parts, or make the gearbox oil blister and deteriorate, resulting in abnormal wear of parts. Therefore, when you check the transmission oil, be sure to measure it accurately.

(4) how to check the power direction oil?

When the engine cools down, wipe the top of the oil filler cap and the oil reservoir, then screw out the directional oil cap, and wipe the oil dipstick with a clean paper towel without fiber, then install it and lock it tightly, then open it and check the oil level of the oil dipstick. Note: when filling or changing the oil, the correct power direction oil must be used. If it is not used properly, the steering machine will be damaged.

(5) how to check the brake oil?

Just open the engine hood and check the liquid level of the brake oil bottle, as long as it is not lower than the lower limit. Note: when the brake oil level is not checked, it is not allowed to add brake oil, so as not to add too much, and the brake oil will be sprayed to the high temperature engine, resulting in corrosion of the parts or even fire. If there are bubbles in the brake oil, or the oil becomes dirty, it means that the brake oil has deteriorated. Please replace it as soon as possible, so as to avoid bubbles caused by the decrease of the boiling point of the brake oil, resulting in poor braking effect, which is very dangerous.

2, Sanshui

(1) tank water

Some people like to add antifreeze in the water tank. The main purpose of antifreeze is antifreeze, lubrication and anti-corrosion. Its principle is to reduce freezing point by adding antifreeze solution to make water in water tank into mixed solution, which is not easy to freeze; at the same time, its boiling point is also relatively increased, so when it is used in summer, it can also reduce evaporation of water in water tank and enhance the effect of cooling engine. In addition, the antifreeze solution has the function of anti-corrosion, which can avoid water tank corrosion, and also has the function of lubrication, lubricating the bearing of water pump.

Note: when the engine and water tank are overheated, removing the water tank cover may cause steam and antifreeze to spray out, so do not open the water tank cover. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

(2) glass water

It's better to add a little windshield cleaner. It's not good to just wash the windshield with water.

Note: when using concentrated cleaning solution, add water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not mix the ready-made cleaning agent with water. Small foreign matters in the water will block the system. Water can freeze and damage the reservoir and other parts of the system. When the weather is very cold, the cleaning liquid can only be filled up, and the remaining space is reserved for expansion when freezing, so as to avoid damage to the storage tank.

(3) battery water

Although some batteries need no water for maintenance, that is to say, in hot summer areas, some batteries still need water. When the battery water is insufficient, there is no need to add any supplement, just distilled water. Battery water will evaporate faster in summer, so check more every summer to prevent damage to battery caused by too little battery water and reduce battery life.

Note: do not use matches near the battery to avoid explosion. If you need to light the engine room, please also use a flashlight. If the water free battery is not used, the battery water must be checked frequently to see if it is enough. If not, it must be added carefully.

3, five tire

Improper use and maintenance of tires may cause danger. So the new car must pay attention to some tire maintenance details. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

(1) overloading.

Overloading may cause the tire to burst due to excessive friction, so please pay attention to the maximum load of the tire.

(2) tire pressure

Tire pressure is insufficient, wear to the lip, and the belly is easy to burst. Excessive tire pressure can cause tread wear in the center of the tire. There is a standard tire pressure sign printed on the rear of the driver's side door, which is the pressure when the tire is cold, that is, when the vehicle is parked for at least three hours or when the vehicle is driven for no more than 1.6km. When the tire is cooled, the measured tire pressure is the most accurate. Check the tire pressure at least once a week. A good quality tire pressure gauge must be used. It is impossible to judge whether it is normal only by visual inspection.

(3) tire damage

Worn out tires can cause accidents. Tread patterns may be worn out due to long driving. Only replace the old tires quickly.

(4) dynamic balance

If the tire is found to be worn abnormally when driving, or the car is running to one side, the four-wheel alignment should be done first. If the car will vibrate on a smooth road surface, the wheels may have to be dynamically balanced again. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

(5) spare tire.

The spare tire should pay attention to the tire pressure at ordinary times. In case of insufficient tire pressure, you can pump air. Many people will ignore the condition of the spare tire, and often some people want to change the spare tire after the tire is damaged, only to find that the spare tire is also flat.

Conclusion: novice new cars may have no idea about the maintenance knowledge, but they must not hand over all the maintenance matters to the repair shop. The owners should take the initiative to learn more about the maintenance knowledge of the vehicles, in case they do not need it from time to time.