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How to make mungbean sand

Summer heat, a bowl of cool green bean sand is a wonderful thing. Mungbean sand is a very good summer food. Heat clearing and heat relieving, detoxification and pain relieving, diuresis and dehumidification. It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which is often used to solve many kinds of food or drug poisoning. Let's see how it's made.

The method of mung bean sand 1. Clean the mung bean and boil it with 1 part of mung bean and 8 parts of water

2. Cook until the mungbean blooms and the skin floats. Remove the bean skin for use

3. Boil the mungbean as much as possible, then turn off the fire, use the strainer to remove the mud (mungbean soup to be used), and turn it into mud. Or put it into a blender and beat it into bean paste

4. Put the bean puree back into the mung bean soup and cook for a while. Add in the crystal sugar and cook it into a uniform and paste bean paste

5. Cool in the air and refrigerate in the refrigerator. When eating, put some osmanthus or honey to taste

6. The mung bean skin is nutritious. It can relieve heat and detoxify. Mix it with brown sugar and some mung bean soup. It has a unique flavor


1. The purpose of bailing out the bean skin is to make the bean sand delicate. You can also directly put the boiled and flowering green beans with the skin into the blender to make mud

2. Another way is to take out the husks and cook them. Stir continuously while cooking until the mung bean is mushy, but it will take a long time, and the bean paste is not easy to be even

3. It seems that there are different opinions on whether to soak mung beans before cooking. I think mung beans are very good for cooking, so I never soaked them in advance

How long does mung bean sauce take to cook for about 20 minutes

1. Add proper amount of mung beans, wash them, add water in the proportion of 2:1, turn to medium heat and cook for 3 to 5 minutes without covering, turn off the heat and drain out the clear soup

2. After step 1, add 5 times the cold water of mung bean directly into the pot, turn to medium heat and keep boiling for about 20 minutes after boiling, and leave a wide seam on the pot cover to prevent overflow

3. Open the lid of the pot and add some icing sugar. Turn the small fire and cook for about 5 minutes. Stir while cooking to speed up the mung bean to become sand

Ice sugar rose mung bean sand practice 1, in advance the mung bean with water soaked open, lotus seed wash;

2. Put the mungbean into the electric rice pot, pour in some water, and turn into the porridge making process;

3. When the time is up, open the lid of the pot, scoop out the flowering Mungbean and put it on the filter net to filter out the sand;

4. At the same time of filtration, the lotus seeds and roses can be put into the autoclave, and 500ml of water can be poured into the rice link;

5. After filtering out the fine bean paste, open the pressure cooker with boiled lotus seeds, put in the crystal sugar, when the crystal sugar is completely melted, it is the rose lotus seed sugar water;

6. Freeze the rose lotus seed sugar water and mung bean paste at the same time, and then pour the rose lotus seed sugar water into mung bean paste. Mix it well to make the ice sugar rose mung bean paste. The taste is cool and sweet.

The method of yoghurt mung bean sand 1. Wash mung bean and soak it in cold boiled water for 2 hours;

2. Pour the bean with water into the boiling pot, add cold water (the ratio of mung bean and cold water is 1:8-1:10, which is better), and boil the mung bean in a large fire;

3. when the water is boiling, remove the white foam floating on the surface of the soup, continue to cook the medium and small fires for 20 minutes.

4. After pouring out a part of the soup, boil the remaining soup and mung bean (if there is little water in the pot, add some cold water), until the mung bean is all cracked and the bean paste oozes (do not close the lid);

5. Turn down the heat, stir the bean paste with a spoon to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot, and slowly collect the juice;

6. When the mung bean paste in the pot becomes thicker, the bean paste and the soup gradually turn to light reddish color. Turn off the fire, and put the ice sugar to cool;

7. After the crystal sugar is completely closed, filter and squeeze the mung bean husk with a sieve, and take the sand;

8. Mix the green bean paste in the bowl, pour in the yogurt and mix well, then drink.