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What's the best age to get married

The simple point of marriage is the time when you want to get married. Of course, men and women are not the same. For a man, if it's not his point of marriage or his partner who has been in love for 7 / 8 years, he may not want to get married. If it's his point of marriage, he may want to get married for a month. So when is the best time to get married? Let's talk about it today.

'marriage point' is the key to a man's marriage

Many men will be urged to marry, some of them are urged by their partners, some of them are even forced to marry under pressure. Obviously, they are barely happy. Why don't men always want to get married? Is it because the wedding point doesn't arrive? What is the point of marriage?

Question 1. What is the 'marriage point'?

The so-called "marriage point" is the turning point when a person wants to get married. Take a man for example. There is always a marriage point in a man's life. Before the marriage point arrives, he may not get married even if he has been in love for many years. After the marriage point arrives, he may get married one month later. So, if you can't wait to get married, it's better to find a man at the point of marriage.

Question 2. Why does "marriage point" appear?

Marriage point mainly comes from two aspects: first, pressure, being urged to marry by parents every day; second, they want to get married. Some men want to get married because they have reached the age of marriage with their girlfriend, some are pregnant with their girlfriend, some want to have a family. These are the reasons for the 'marriage point'.

Question 3. When is the best time to get married?

According to a group of survey data in China, the ideal age for men to get married is after 30, while the chances for women to get married are decreasing year by year from the age of 25. In this regard, Australian scholars have developed a formula for the marriageable age (n-p) & times; 0.368 + P, in which p is used to express' the age at which marriage was initially considered ', n is used to express' the latest marriage period you think'.

What is the best marriage point for a woman

Unlike men, women need to consider the best childbearing age when they marry. Generally speaking, women's childbearing age is best between 23-30 years old, men's is 30-35 years old, and women's is best not to exceed 30 years old. If we miss the best time to have a baby, it will not only affect children's intellectual development, but also affect the quality of conception.

What is the best marriage point for a man?

For a man, the first indicator is whether his career is over. In reality, most men plan to form a stable rear area in order to make themselves comfortable and develop their business. The second indicator is age. Older, facing the pressure of parents and family, men will also change their views on marriage. In addition, when men have wrinkles, white hair, small belly, red light, sub-health symptoms, such as chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, alcoholic liver, diabetes, or have experienced disasters and major events that affect their psychology, they no longer think they are right. At this time, marriage is a shortcut to help them through difficulties.