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What is the single tax? Is it true that the state collects the single tax

What is the single tax? Is it true that the state collects the single tax Recently, the draft of personal income tax has exploded the whole circle of friends. Many friends shout to collect "single tax" after reading the documents. So what is the single tax? Is it true to have a single tax? Let's take a look at the detailed interpretation that Xiaobian brings to you.

Let's take a look at it. What?

​ let's focus on children's education expenditure & hellip;. Obviously, the draft of individual income tax clearly stipulates that special additional deductions will be added, and families with children and the elderly will be taken care of.

The same salary is 30000 yuan a month. According to the current 5000 yuan exemption, when you are single, you will be directly deducted from the personal tax: 3580 yuan. After marriage, though the exact amount of tax has not been announced.

Let it go, but it's less than 3580, isn't it? Otherwise, the draft individual income tax does not need to increase these special additional deductions. Are you right?

​: single people who have no children, no rooms and no partners are hiding and hugging themselves.

The sudden wave of single dogs forced to marry by the state is also unexpected.

In fact, since the release of the draft individual income tax, there have been countless netizens on Weibo talking about whether this individual income tax reform is a single tax in another situation.