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How to get millet Black Gold code f? What are the privileges of millet Black Gold code f

how to obtain millet black gold f code? What are the privileges of millet black gold f code Recently, the news of millet Black Gold code f broke out on the Internet. It is said that owning millet Black Gold code f can buy any new millet products first, without waiting for rush purchase. How to get millet Black Gold code f? What are millet's F-code privileges? Let's have a look!

Xiaomi, the founder of Internet thinking, not only eliminated Shanzhai mobile phones, but also let us all use conscience products with high matching and low price. However, due to various reasons, Xiaomi mobile phone has been in short supply. Although it has eased a lot in recent years, there are still many hot products that are hard to find.

Of course, in order to give back rice flour, Xiaomi has launched the f code that can be purchased first. With it, you can skip the rush to buy the corresponding products directly. However, f code is not only rare, but also can only buy time-based goods, so it has certain limitations.

Millet black gold f

Today, a picture of "millet black gold f code" was exposed on Weibo. The introduction below said: "with this card, you can enjoy the supreme privilege of millet. In the next three years, all new products in Xiaomi mall can be purchased first.". It's amazing! It's just the supreme privilege. You can buy the hot products launched by Xiaomi in the future. At present, it's not known how to obtain this kind of F code. However, such a high-level privileged f code is more difficult than mobile phones