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Precautions for eating watermelon

Watermelon has the nickname of the king of fruits in summer. Many people especially like to eat watermelon. It contains protease, which can help the body absorb protein well. These kinds of people can't eat watermelon. What are the taboos when eating watermelon?

1. Do not eat watermelon during the cold, especially the cold, will make the disease worse or cure time longer and longer. If it is a cold with wind heat and accompanied by internal heat symptoms such as high fever and thirst, you can eat a small amount of watermelon to help clear away heat and detoxify.

2. Diabetes patients can not eat watermelon, especially after meals, it will easily increase the burden on the pancreas. Eating watermelon will lead to the rise of blood sugar and aggravation of diabetes. In serious cases, metabolism disorder may occur and lead to acidosis, which is life-threatening.

3. Renal insufficiency. Watermelon contains a lot of water, even up to 95%. If people with weak renal function eat too much watermelon, it will lead to a large amount of water stored in the body and increase blood volume, so it will not only aggravate the edema, but also easily induce acute heart failure.

4. Patients with oral ulcer. If the patients with oral ulcer eat watermelon more, the water needed for the recovery of oral ulcer will be discharged too much, which will aggravate Yin deficiency and internal heat, prolong the course of disease and make it difficult to heal.

5. Don't eat too many watermelons before and after meals. Eating too much watermelon before meals will increase the volume of the stomach, dilute the digestive fluid in the stomach, and affect the intake of other foods and nutrients. Eating too much watermelon after a meal will affect the digestion and absorption of food. If you want to go on a diet and lose weight, you can eat some watermelon properly before meals, reduce the intake of food, and better achieve the effect of losing weight.

Watermelon is best eaten two hours after meal, which not only ensures the full absorption of nutrients, but also prevents the fruit from staying in the stomach, avoiding the possibility of stomach pain and bloating.

6. Watermelon should not be frozen for too long, not more than three hours. Watermelon originally belongs to cold fruit, cold storage will increase its coolness. If refrigerated or frozen for too long, eat too many frozen watermelon, it will stimulate the stomach very much, easily lose the spleen and stomach, and may appear contraction spasm, even lead to stomach pain. If you want to eat frozen watermelon, it is recommended to put the watermelon on the bottom of the refrigerator, where the temperature is not low, 8-10 ℃, the temperature taste is the best. People with bad teeth are not recommended to eat frozen watermelon if they suffer from caries and cavities, or if their stomach function is not well digested.

After knowing the benefits, effects, functions and precautions of watermelon, I hope everyone can learn to correctly understand watermelon, eat watermelon and have a happy summer.