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Tips for weight loss: easy, simple, no rebound

To lose weight, it's not difficult to say it's easy to say it's not easy, it's important to stick to it. Improper weight loss is easy to cause rebound, weight loss should be based on personal fitness, step by step. I hope it will help you to popularize 5 ways to lose weight.

1. Relieve the fatigue on the same day: it's better to go home from work every day. It's better to take a half bath, promote blood circulation, disintegrate the fatigue substances in the body, improve metabolism, and have a good effect on detumescence and weight loss. If you are too busy, or if you don't have the conditions to take a bath, you should take at least 10 minutes every night.

2. Take the Oriental diet as the center, and eat vegetables first: the Oriental diet is more balanced than the Western diet in nutrition, and the content of calories and lipids is also relatively low. When losing weight, it is best to take the Oriental diet as the center.

3. Avoid 'cold' when losing weight: for the mm with hypothermia, cold hands and feet, or even cold constitution, you can use some small tools to warm up the core of the body and promote blood circulation.

4. Do appropriate exercise 1-2 days a week: it doesn't need to be too intense to do weight-loss exercise, it's not that the higher the intensity is, the better the more you do, it's OK to do it moderately. Try not to feel very hard after you finish it. Especially for those who don't like sports and are not good at sports, they should choose some relatively easy ones at the beginning, such as walking, stretching, simple yoga, etc.

5. Keep enough sleep and have regular life: disordered diet and lack of sleep often stay up late & hellip; & hellip; these are common lifestyle of modern people. Irregular living habits are not conducive to weight loss, but also cause constipation and aggravate obesity. The combination of diet and exercise has always been the two elements of weight loss, but compared with this, what time to get up, what time to go to bed, what time to eat and so on, what must be done in daily life is more important.