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What are the seven effects of eating dragon fruit

Pitaya belongs to cactus family. It climbs the fleshy shrub and has air roots. Pitaya has the effect of detoxification, whitening and anti-aging. It is the first choice for girls. Today's editor recommends pitaya, a health preserving fruit. Let's take a look at it

although pitaya is not as well known and often eaten as apple and banana, its existence is very meaningful. We often say that we should eat fruits and vegetables frequently, and eat fried spicy food less, not all for our own health. Apple and banana are the longest fruits we eat at ordinary times, because they are basically available all the year round, sold in the market and not expensive. Compared with huolongguo, most rural families don't like it very much, not to say they don't like it. Some of them may be idle and expensive. However, the nutritional value of huolongguo is not available in many other fruits, and it can't be replaced.

Huolongguo has the functions of preventing constipation, promoting eye health, increasing bone density, helping to form cell membrane, preventing anemia and neuritis, angular stomatitis, lowering cholesterol, whitening skin and preventing black spots, as well as the functions of relieving heavy metal poisoning, anti free radicals, preventing senile diseases, slimming and colorectal cancer. The new results show that the juice of pitaya fruit and branches has a positive effect on tumor growth, virus and immune response inhibition. Pitaya is a new variety of cactus honey fruit. Eating more pitaya in autumn has many health preserving effects. Modern research shows that pitaya contains elements that promote human health, beauty, disease prevention and health, and is the first choice for modern people to keep healthy. Pitaya can be mashed to drink fruit juice. If it is made into jelly, it has the best flavor.

① Huolongguo contains a high content of anthocyanin, which is a kind of antioxidant with antioxidant, anti free radical and anti-aging effects. It can inhibit the variation of human brain and has a certain preventive effect on dementia.

② Eating more pitaya fruit has a certain protective effect on the stomach, because pitaya fruit contains plant albumin which is rare in other plants, it will automatically combine with heavy metal ions in the human body, and it can play an detoxification effect when discharged from the body, and this kind of albumin will have a certain protective effect on the stomach wall.

③ Pitaya fruit is rich in vitamin C, which has whitening effect, because vitamin C can eliminate oxygen free radicals and make human skin bright and white.

④ Pitaya is rich in dietary fiber, which can be used to lose weight, reduce cholesterol and moisten intestines.

⑤ The iron content of pitaya fruit is very rich. Female friends eat more, even if they can supplement some of the iron lost every month.

⑥ Cut the pitaya, see is countless sesame loaded small particles, these small particles of pulp can promote gastrointestinal digestion, often constipated people, eat more pitaya can treat constipation.

⑦ The fruit juice of Pitaya has a clear, sweet and delicious taste. It can also be used for wine making and canning.

Conclusion: pitaya fruit is rich in nutrition and unique in function. It contains plant protein, anthocyanin, vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber. It is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. After reading the above introduction of pitaya, I think a lot of people have come to realize that only today do they know that the nutritional value of Pitaya is so high, and eating it often has many benefits. With the improvement of our living standards, people in both urban and rural areas should be willing to eat it. After knowing the efficacy and nutritional value of pitaya, it is estimated that people will not care about its price.