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Do you know the nutritional value of earth honey

native honey is made of honey collected by bees in China. It has a mellow fragrance and rich nutrition. It is the first choice for medicine and incomparable to honey collected by other bee species. In addition to these, does honey have other functions? Let's learn about the nutritional value of native honey

soil honey is known to all be the result of hard work of bees. Of course, the benefits to human body are immeasurable. Many people use tea or fruit to eat. These are the best uses of honey. There are many beautiful women who use it to apply facial mask, which can make skin smooth and tender. So honey is really good stuff.

The therapeutic value of honey

Fresh honey applied to the skin can moisturize and nourish the skin, making the skin delicate, smooth and elastic.


1, honey mask: use honey to add two to 3 times water to dilute, apply the face daily. It can also make facial mask with oatmeal, protein and honey, massage the face for 10 minutes when used, so that the honey's nutrition can penetrate into the skin cells.

2, glycerin honey mask: take a portion of honey, half of glycerin, three portions of water, add proper amount of flour to mix it, make the mask, put it on the face for 20 minutes, wash it with water, and make the skin tender and delicate.

3. Egg honey film: a fresh egg and a spoonful of honey, mix them evenly, brush them on the face with a soft brush and massage. After natural air drying, wash with clear water. Once a week, it has the effect of moisturizing, wrinkle removing and beautifying.

The above is the introduction of what is the nutritional value of native honey. The individual honey is good for human body. If it is added with other nutritious things, as mentioned above, it may have better effect. Native honey is pure natural and harmless to human body, so it is good for both the old and the children, but it should also be noted that excessive intake is not allowed, and bee and bee should be avoided Things of mishangke are put together.