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How to choose a clam and how to make it delicious with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people realize that having a healthy body can ensure the improvement of our quality of life, so when we buy food, we have to choose some fresh ones, so that we can taste better. Let's see what kind of selection is good.

Elephant clam, a big man native to the North Pacific coast of the United States and Canada, has crisp and sweet meat, which is the most comfortable to eat when frozen. However, for ordinary consumers, it is easy to be perfunctorized by individual unscrupulous stall owners with water mussels. When they go to the restaurant for processing, they will find that all the mussels that used to be big are boiled with water, half of which are alive! At this time, the master will tell you: you buy water mussels, the trick!

At present, the elephant clams in Guangzhou are mainly from Canada, the United States and Mexico. Canadian mussels have the most delicious taste, white meat and the most expensive price. After being sliced, they have a lot of white meat and can eat more, which is worth eating more than cheap mussels. However, most of Mexican clams are called water mussels, because they often drink enough water and sell again, and the purchase weight may be more than twice the actual weight. When they are sliced with a knife, they will flow out a lot of water, and the edible part is less, especially for making As for American mussels, the cost performance ratio is between the two. Compared with Canadian ones, American mussels have shorter drawing length and darker color, which is easy to identify.

From the perspective of growth environment, there are two kinds of mussels: mud mussel and sand mussel. The neck of sand mussel is whiter and the color of mud mussel is darker. Among them, the sand clam with few impurities and no peculiar smell is the top grade. The meat of different parts of the clam has different tastes. The neck meat is crisp and tough, which is suitable for sashimi. The breast meat is relatively soft, which is good for stir frying or frying and making soup.

Fresh or not depends on whether the two sides of the shell can be effectively closed

When selecting, it is necessary to see whether it is fierce, whether the two shells like the top can be closed powerfully; then it is necessary to see whether there are clearly visible corrugated fibers in its slice, if there are any, they are fresh, if not, they are not fresh. So when you pick it, don't just see if it's smooth. The color of fresh clam slices is white with yellow, on the contrary, they will be slightly gray. In addition, it should be noted that clams like clams will harden soon after cooking. So remember to boil the water before the clam meat, and quickly burn, or you will be too old to chew.

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of food in our life, so we must pay special attention to the selection when we buy, so as to ensure that we can eat more delicious. The above is the introduction of what kind of selection is good, and friends can choose their favorite food when they buy.