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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of eating apples

Apple, one of the fruits that people often eat, is a kind of apple plant belonging to Rosaceae, apple subfamily. Apple fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is a kind of low calorie food. The nutrients in apple are soluble and easy to be absorbed by human body, so it is called "living water". Let's popularize the advantages and disadvantages of eating apples.

apple is a very delicious fruit. Maybe many of us like it very much. No matter for the elderly or children, eating more apples can effectively help us to supplement vitamin C needed by the body. It also has a very significant effect on relieving our own throat swelling and pain.

Apples are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Especially the content of vitamin A and carotene is higher.

Impact on disease and health

It is rich in water-soluble food fiber pectin. Pectin can protect the intestinal wall, activate the useful bacteria in the intestine, adjust the gastrointestinal function, absorb water, eliminate constipation, stabilize blood sugar, beautify the skin, absorb bile and cholesterol. It can effectively prevent hyperlipidemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia, clean the intestine and prevent colorectal cancer.

Malic acid and citric acid in the sour taste of apple can improve the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion.

Malic acid can also stabilize blood sugar and prevent diabetes, so diabetic patients should eat sour apples.

Apple is rich in potassium, which can prevent and treat hypertension. Because the intake of salt in Chinese diet is excessive, it leads to sodium and water retention in the body and * hypertension. Potassium can increase the amount of sodium excreted from the kidney, reduce the content of sodium in the cells, and thus reduce blood pressure. Potassium can also dilate blood vessels, and pectin can prevent metabolic syndrome.

While eating apples to enjoy delicious food, it may also bring a series of disadvantages to ourselves. Apples must not be eaten more, or it may cause diarrhea. Eating an apple every day can effectively help us reduce the effect of scurvy, which is a very good habit.