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Why can't Lu Han fly? Why Lu Han can't fly

It's a common phenomenon for stars to shuttle between cities by air, but Lu Han travels by high-speed rail. Is there any unknown reason? Is there any psychological shadow that Lu Han can't take the plane when he goes out? Follow Xiaobian to find out the reason behind it!

The news that Lu Han didn't dare to fly has been spreading all the time. Even the reason why Lu Han didn't dare to fly was because of his serious acrophobia!

See here may be some netizens to ask, before Lu Han was still in South Korea development, do concerts and other international activities that time is not to go out by plane. Question the view that Lu Han is afraid of heights, and the number of times that Lu Han takes a plane is not small!

However, it is reported that it is true that Lu Han has serious acrophobia, and he will not choose to fly unless necessary. However, this acrophobia doesn't mean that Lu Han can't fly.