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Double skin milk is simple and delicious

Double skin milk is a delicacy that only senior people can understand. It's said that in the old days, a man put the leftover milk of the first day aside, and found a layer of milk skin on his face after spreading the ice. He thought it was interesting. The next day, he poured a layer of milk on it, so the "double skin milk" was born. Double skin milk is a famous dessert in Guangdong. It is sweet, tender and smooth, rich in milk flavor, very attractive.

How to make double skin milk?

Production method of double skin milk

Double skin milk is my favorite. Today I would like to share with you a simple way to make double skin milk. Here is a brief introduction.

Ingredients: milk; egg; sugar.

Production method:

1. Pour the milk into the pot, heat it over medium heat until it boils slightly, and then pour it into the container. This container is best the one you plan to steam in the pot, that is, the final shaped container, which should have a flat bottom and a large opening.

2. The milk is placed in a place in the container, which is still, and does not need to be moved. It is still and cooled to form a milk skin.

3, the average 100ml milk with an egg egg white, the egg white egg, put a bit of sugar, and vigorously beat eggs in one direction to produce a rich foam, this step is very endurance test, of course, there is electric egg whisk, no, this is the time for exercise.

4. At this time, the milk prepared before the meal has been completely cooled and a layer of milk has been formed. Gently pick a bit of milk skin, slowly pour the milk into the bowl that just hit the egg white, stir evenly, because the last egg white foam is rich and even, so the milk poured in and stirred it easily to blend evenly. At the moment, the original flat bottom bowl only has a piece of milk skin at the bottom.

5. Slowly pour the mixture of milk and egg white into the flat bottom bowl with only one sheet of milk skin. The milk skin will float on it at last. This is the first skin of double skin milk.

6、 Cover the bowl with tin foil, or some other cover or plastic wrap, so as not to let the water vapor drop; steam for 20 minutes.

7. After 20 minutes, everything is so beautiful! The double skin milk with fragrance on lips and teeth is good.

8. If you are greedy, you can eat it when it's a little cold. If you have enough patience, you can put it in the refrigerator and eat it after it's cooled. It's a level one bar!