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How to make a delicious fruit platter in summer

Sihaiwang: there must be many little friends who like cooking. In summer, because of the hot weather, many young people's appetite will decline because of the hot weather. Fruit is very popular in summer. Many people give up eating and choose to eat fruit. The fruit has good taste, rich taste and high nutritional value. Absolutely a good choice. But how to make a delicious fruit platter in summer? Let's take a look at the following strategies with Xiaobian~

Learn to make a fruit platter in summer


Ingredients: 600g strawberry, 250g orange, 200g apple, 3000g watermelon.

Accessories: 5g cherry.

The key to making fruit platter: making all kinds of platters with fruit is to give people a kind of beautiful enjoyment. First of all, we should have a good proposition, and then we should select all kinds of fruits, and use the natural color of fruits to make all kinds of fruit platters with vivid shapes and different shapes, which are attractive to the appetite.

Fruit platter features: vivid shape, different forms, attractive appetite.

Methods: 1. Take a white waist plate and wash 500g strawberry, 250g orange, 100g apple and 5g cherry with sand filter water;

2. The sweet orange is split in half and stands in the shape of a peach;

3. The apple is cut 1 / 4 first and ready for use. The remaining upper, left and right sides are crossed with two oblique knives to make the body and two wings of the swan. The cut 1 / 4 is carved into the head of the swan;

4. The eyes of swans are carved with red cherries, and the swans decorated are placed at the end of the peach;

5. Put strawberries in the middle of the orange, and it will be a swan looking back;

6. Wash 100g strawberries and 100g apples, and remove the straw poison;

7. After peeling, use a ball digger to dig the apple into a ball. Put the same strawberry in the sand filter water;

8. Carve half a watermelon weighing about 1000 grams into a hollow base and put it on the plate;

9. Another watermelon weighing about 2000 g carves the top half of the flower blue on the top of 1 / 3 with a carving knife, and around the remaining 2 / 3, carves the pattern with the method of hollowing out, then immerses it in the sand filter water to make the carved pattern vivid;

10. Use the ball digger to dig out the watermelon meatballs, strawberries and apple balls and put them into the iced sugar water, then put them into the carved watermelon flower basket, which is the traditional fruit platter 'fruit flower basket'.