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What is light food? How to make it delicious

Many people are not familiar with light food. It's not a vegetable. It's a kind of shellfish. It's not only delicious, but also nutritious. Many people like it very much. How can light food be delicious? What delicious dishes can light dishes make? Let's have a look at it with interested friends.

The most nutritious light dish recipe: how to saute fresh light dishes with oil

The most nutritious light food recipe

Seeing the word "light vegetable", the first reaction of people who don't know is that they think it's a kind of plant, but people who are familiar with it all know that it's not a kind of vegetable, but the meat of mussels. Its nutritional value is very high, containing 59% high protein content, which can be said to be full of nutrition. But such a treasure, what kind of food does it have, or what kind of food can it make?

Method I of light dish: saute fresh and light dish with oil

First, cut the ham into slices, then wash the vegetables, put them in boiling water and cook them for 5 years, then heat the oil in the pot, saute them with ginger and scallion, pour them into the vegetables, fry them for 8 years, put them in the dish for later use, then fry the ham in it, and when the saute is almost the same, return the vegetables to the pot and fry them together again, and pay attention not to fry them. At the same time, pour in the sauce, quickly stir fry the sauce, and saute the fresh vegetables.

Light dish method 2: melon ball light vegetable soup

First, peel the wax gourd, and then use utensils to dig the wax gourd into a ball. Of course, if there is no tool or trouble, you can cut it into pieces with a knife. Wash the vegetables and prepare them. Then put the oil and ginger slices in the pot to make them fragrant, and then put the water in. At this time, you can put the wax gourd and the vegetables together and cook them, but when the vegetables are extended or the wax gourd becomes transparent In the morning, just add some salt.

Light dish practice 3: red date sea cucumber light dish porridge

This is also a common and easy to make dish. Wash the jujube. Because the jujube is relatively large, we can slice it and remove the core. Soak the sea cucumber in water for a period of time, and then cut it into particles. The vegetables don't need to be soaked. Just wash and slice it. To finish the above steps, we can put them and rice together in the pot, first boil them with a big fire, then cook them slowly with a small fire, and then the delicious porridge will be finished.