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The cultural meaning of Qiao Guo how to do Qiao Guo

Qixi Qiaoguo is a kind of snacks given by lovers to express their love. If the girl wants to give the boy Qiao fruit, isn't it more thoughtful to do it by herself? How to make a good fruit? Hurry up and learn from Xiaobian.

The cultural connotation of Qiao Guo

On the Chinese Valentine's day, it is said that this day is the day when Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet at magpie bridge once a year. The morning glory and Weaver star separated by the far away Milky way can only meet once a year. This legend has moved the world, so some people call this day: Chinese Valentine's day.

Qixi is also known as "daughter's Day" and "maiden's Day". The most common custom is that girls carry out various begging activities on this day. Weaver girl is a beautiful, intelligent and handy fairy. On this night, the girls in the world dressed in costumes beg for wisdom and craftsmanship from her. They also ask for a happy marriage from her, which is called "begging for Craftsmanship".

The way of begging for dexterity is mostly for the girls to pass the needle to check dexterity and make some small items and fruits for sacrifice. Modern steamed buns, baked fruits, and decorations made of paper-cut and colored embroidery are also the extension of the custom of Qiqiao.

Just like eating zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival and moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival, Qixi Festival is a kind of traditional festival pasta, which is made of oil, flour, sugar and other small pasta, sweet and delicious.

The fish shaped Qiqiao fruit represents that there are fish every year, and the better life is, while the Fuzi and Shouzi Qiqiao fruit represent that the elderly are healthy and have a long life. The children ate qiqiqiao fruit, healthy and bright in reading. Qiaoguo custom has been passed down, enriching the connotation of Qixi Festival, making the ancient folk customs bloom the traditional charm.

Ingenious fruit practice

On the seventh day of July in the lunar calendar, there is a custom of eating skillful fruit. On the day of "Qiaoqi", you may as well make some Chinese desserts for your lover at home. Let romantic love begin with a delicate "Qiaoguo".

1. Pour the milk and sugar into the container, stir well, the sugar will melt completely, and then add the yeast powder to mix well.

2. Knock in the egg, add peanut oil, continue to stir evenly.

3. Pour in the flour, knead it into a soft and hard dough, and ferment it. After the dough is twice as big, you can make the dough embryo.

4. The fermented dough is rubbed again to exhaust air, and a piece of dough is cut from the dough and rubbed into long strips.

5. Cut the long dough into the same size as the mold and put it in the small mold one by one

6. First press one side with your thumb, then press flat with your palm.

7. Brush a little peanut oil in the pan, and heat it. Place the dough on the bottom of the pan one by one.

8. If the two sides are slightly yellow, the fruit will mature and be tied with red rope.

Clever fruit introduction

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the traditional Chinese Tanabata Festival. In order to 'beg for Qiao', there is a custom of eating Qiao fruit on July 7. Qiaoguo, also known as "Qiqiao fruit", is a kind of fried snack with many varieties. Its main raw materials are oil, flour, sugar and honey. "Tokyo dreamland" is called "dimple" and "fruit pattern". Because of the homophony of Qiao and Qiao, it is believed that eating Qiao fruit on July 7 will not only help Niulang and Zhinv meet on the magpie bridge, but also realize their wishes through Qiao.

The material selection of Qixi 'Qiao fruit' is exquisite: there are differences between wheat flour and rice flour in the material, and there are differences between baking and frying in the oven; there are differences between round and prismatic in the form. Therefore, Qixi Qiaoguo can be divided into mianqiaoguo and miqiaoguo. The way to make noodles and fruits is to dissolve the sugar into syrup in the pot, then add the flour and sesame, mix well and thinly, cool them, cut them into squares, fold them into rhombic embryos and fry them until golden brown.

Qixi Qiguo has become a way for lovers to declare their love. It is also the best way to express each other. Compared with the fancy baking of Western dessert egg milk, Chinese dessert pays more attention to the refinement and change of technology. Maybe the decadent state of dough before cooking and frying makes you can't imagine the magical transformation and delicacy of dough after heat. Qiaoguo is the best representative of sweetness.