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Schedule of Sanfu moxibustion in 2018 what are the precautions of Sanfu moxibustion

Sanfu moxibustion is a popular way of health care in summer. Moxibustion can achieve the function of health care in Sanfu days. When does Sanfu moxibustion start in 2018? What should we pay attention to when we do three Fu moxibustion? Let's have a look.

When does Sanfu moxibustion begin

Three volt moxibustion refers to moxibustion in three dog days, generally from the time of ambush, and the time of ambush in 2018 is July 17, so the three volt moxibustion should start from this day, and specific treatment needs to be conducted under the guidance of professional doctors.

As the name suggests, Sanfu moxibustion is the moxibustion in Sanfu days, which is actually summer, so the effect of Moxibustion in summer is the best. Summer is the time when the Yang is the most abundant. At this time, moxibustion will do twice the work with half the effort. The external environment is full of Yang. The human body will always be in the external environment with sufficient Yang. All the Yang produced by moxibustion will remain in the body, so the effect of moxibustion is the best.

Sanfu moxibustion is a kind of TCM characteristic therapy in Sanfu days. The purpose of this therapy is to treat winter disease in summer, but many friends don't know how long it takes to moxibustion. In fact, there are strict regulations on the time of Sanfu moxibustion, that is, the first, the middle and the last. Sanfu days is the hottest time of the year, and also the time of "the most vigorous Yang Qi" in TCM. At this time, the skin of the human body is loose and the pores are wide open. Applying drugs at specific acupoints can more easily penetrate the skin, stimulate the acupoints, help dredge the meridians, regulate the viscera, and expel the stubborn diseases and cold air in the body, so as to achieve the effect of "treating winter diseases in summer".

Schedule of Sanfu moxibustion in 2018

Because the three dog days in 2018 are from July 17, 2018 to July 26, 2018, which are the first dog days, 10 days; from July 27, 2018 to August 15, 2018, which are the first dog days, 20 days; from August 16, 2018 to August 25, 2018, which are the first dog days, 10 days. Therefore, the time of Sanfu moxibustion can be arranged as follows (for reference only):

Fuqian Moxibustion: July 7, 2018

Early Moxibustion: July 17, 2018

Zhongfu Moxibustion: July 27, 2018

Last Moxibustion: August 16, 2018

Moxibustion after subduing: August 26, 2018

Points for attention in moxibustion

1. Because the wind cannot be blown during moxibustion, please close the doors and windows before moxibustion, and do not ventilate or turn on the air conditioner in the room. Moxibustion is not allowed immediately after meals. Moxibustion is only allowed one hour after meals, because moxibustion is not allowed if you are too full.

2. Keep optimistic mood and ensure enough sleep. In this way, the muscles of the whole body can be relaxed and the nervous tension can be adjusted, so as to improve the recognition of drug stimulation by meridians and acupoints, and guide the drug effect to the focus. Moderate exercise can increase the coordination of nerves and muscles, increase the excretion of sweat, and promote the cold air in the body.

3. In general, if it is for limbs and chest, the time for moxibustion should be shorter, and the time for abdomen and back should be longer; for the elderly, children and women, the time for moxibustion should be shorter, and the time for youth should be longer.

4. Some people will appear red, swollen, hot and painful. If blisters appear on the skin, care should be taken to protect the wound and prevent infection. After blistering, do not scratch. A small number of small blisters can wait for their self absorption. Large blisters can be pricked with sterile needles and pumped. 5% iodophor solution should be applied externally, which should be exposed to avoid covering the affected area.

5. Pay attention to keeping warm. Although it's very hot in the dog days, it's still necessary to avoid catching cold when moxibustion. Especially, it's necessary to avoid blowing through the air while maintaining indoor air circulation.

6. Do not wash your face with cold water within half an hour after Sanfu moxibustion; do not take a bath immediately or swim after Sanfu moxibustion. After moxibustion, the pores of the whole body are opened, which is easy to be cold. Generally speaking, moxibustion is done after bath. Or after moxibustion, take a shower after a few hours.

7. Some patients with skin allergy may apply ointment or go to the hospital for treatment, and abstain from fish, shrimp, raw chicken and other sensitive food. The more sensitive patients will appear blistering, and even leave gray scars after blistering, which are normal phenomena. When blistering, you can use gentian UV to smear the affected area, but if there is concurrent infection, you should see a doctor in the hospital in time.

8. When moxibustion is carried out in dog days, attention should be paid to it and it should not be carried out at will. Generally, moxibustion is not allowed on the face to avoid scalding; purulent moxibustion should not be used on the active parts of joints so as not to be easily healed after purulence; moxibustion is not allowed directly on the important viscera parts, large blood vessels, etc.; moxibustion on the waist, lumbosacral part, etc. is not allowed for women during menstruation and pregnancy.

9. After moxibustion, if there is fatigue and lack of energy, it is a normal phenomenon. At this time, the body is taking a rest. You can rest for a while without tiredness.

10. On the day of application and the next day, you can't eat raw and cold food, seafood, spicy food, and easily purulent food, such as beef, duck, goose, peanut and other fried food. At the same time, we should stop eating beef, duck, goose, peanut and other fried food. During the application period, the raw and cold irritant food should be forbidden. Do not be greedy for cold. Do not eat the fat, sweet, thick and greasy food, the raw phlegm and dampness aiding food. Do not eat seafood, shrimp and other volatile substances to avoid affecting the treatment effect.