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How to stick moxibustion with blisters? How to prevent scald by moxibustion?

The hot summer is in the dog days. Chinese people always have the tradition of treating winter diseases in summer. In summer, many people like to stick three Fu stickers or moxibustion stickers. But some people will get blisters after moxibustion stickers. What about the blisters after moxibustion stickers?

How is blister after moxibustion stick to return a responsibility?

The blistering of moxibustion paste is caused by the high temperature and the presence of disease Qi in the body. Sometimes there are two factors of blistering, i.e. the factors of scalding and the factors of blistering, which indicate where the disease Qi still exists and causes blistering. If it's hot and blistering, it means that you didn't take a good look at the introduction of moxibustion paste. Generally, moxibustion paste has an introduction to prevent scalding. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

What about blisters after moxibustion?

If blisters appear in the process of moxibustion, there should not be too much psychological burden. It is more beneficial than harmful for the body to have blisters. Moxibustion is to regulate the body's meridians system by using the characteristics of moxa's dredging meridians. When the moxibustion is over, due to the existence of blisters, the stimulation of meridians continues, which is equal to extending the time for moxibustion to play its role, so this is a good phenomenon. For the appearance of blisters, generally do not need to do any treatment, let alone puncture, because the blisters will shrink until they disappear after a long time, so they will not leave scars.

How to deal with the blister festering after moxibustion sticking? 1. Don't peel off the surface sore skin after moxibustion festering, which can protect the wound and prevent infection. At a certain time, the pus will naturally push out the sore skin and then recover.

2. For the suppurative wound, it can be sprinkled with AI ash of Ren Ai plaster, which has the effect of pain relief and inflammation elimination. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

3. Boil the Wormwood Leaves with water for 15 minutes, and soak the suppurated Wormwood Leaves in water for about half an hour after warming. Let the wound dry naturally, and the new skin can be formed in a few days.

4. For skin maintenance, it can grind the core of longan into fine powder and sprinkle it on the wound, which can promote the healing of the wound skin and reduce the chance of scar formation.

5. It is also a great blessing for moxibustion lovers to stick moxibustion with Ren Ai to solve the problem of blistering and suppuration from the root.